Friday, October 1, 2010

WI Y2 Week 4 - How does it feel to be 31kg lighter

I did my plan and followed it probably 95% of the time – unfortuntley the scales did not reflect my efforts – I had another gain of 400g...... bring my total losses back to 31kg.....what is happening.....what am i doing – this is my 3rd consective gain.... and the way I going since WI I am heading for my 4th......

I went back looking at some old post and found one of my first post “How does it fell” – in this post I wrote about what it feels like to be 142kg! Well I am 31kg lighter so I though I would update myself on how to feels to be 31kg lighter (instead of dwelling on the 3 gains!!)

How does it feel to be 31kg lighter:
  • I no longer take anti-inflammontary everyday – actually I hardly take them all now
  • My knees hardly hurt at all – when I walk now I just walk, I am not thinking that my knees are going to collapse!
  • My lower back is like new – I am having problems with middle to upper back but that is more occurpational hazard that an weight issue (sitting in front of a computer all day!)
  • My heal spurs are completley gone – no pain in my feet for months
  • Walk – I now walk like a normal person and I can walk all day without any issues – I can shop all day!!
  • Sitting is a lot more comfortable – I am still conscious of the chairs I sit on but I have not sat on a chair for a long time and then worried that it is going to break - I don’t feel like everything is hanging out the sides! I still hestitate if I need to sit inbetween two people but getting bettter
  • Floor – getting on and off the floor is soooo much easier – I will now sit on the floor without hestitation because I know that I can get myself back up without help and without looking like a fool....
  • I have been going out more over the last few months even doing fancy dress.....what with that??
  • Buying cloths is a lot eaiser – this time last year I was buying from BeMe XL tops and size 26 pants – last week I brought M tops and size 18 pants.....
  • Exercise – I noticed back in my original post there was no mention of exercise this was because it was simply to painful – now I am walking on the treadmill >5km for 45mins, going to bootcamp weekly, out walking rounds the parks with my baby, using my weight machine, cycling etc...
  • When I go out for the day now it is not a problem – I can walk around all day and still have the energy when I get home to prepare a meal, clean up etc... No more collescaping on the couch!!
Above are 12 reason why I need to forge ahead and at home their 2 really big reason....I want to be around long enought to hold my daughter’s daughter and my son’s son (my son is only 2yr!)

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