Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Double figures

It has been awhile since I blogged.  I hit a major mile stone today so I have to share - I am still going to WW each week and over the past few months it has been very up and down  - I finally got my act together 6 weeks ago and today finally cracked the double figures - I now weigh 99.9kg - so excited...  I really lost hope a couple of months back that could get over the mark but I have been pushing through over the last few weeks and it has finally paid off.  I still have a way to go but I am getting there!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still here

I am still here – I am still moving along with my weight loss journey just stopped blogging!

I have been all over the place in the last 3 months or so – at my lowest I hit 101.1kg so close to double figures – I panicked, gained 8+kg and ended up at 108.7 – I am back on track again, lost 1.6 last week so back to 107.1.

 What worked for me last time (prior to having baby #3) was this blog – this blog got me through those hard weeks and gave me somewhere to celebrate as well – losing weight can be a lonely journey especially when you have been at it for as long as I have – there is only a few select people outside of the WW community that I talk to these days about my weight loss.  The other thing that helped me a lot was setting small achievable goals – I need to feel that I am achieving (don’t we all!) otherwise I give up long before I actually fail.  I will set a small goal (not sure what yet) and I start doing the monthly goals as well (already done my June one).

Onwards and downwards

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012 results

Had a great month and achieved my goal - also I now over the 1.2 way mark! 
very excited.

SW: 106.3
CW: 102.7
GWEF: 102.9

Total: -3.6

wk4: +1.1
wk3: -1.9
wk2: -2.4
wk1: -0.4

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

Missed my target by 1.4kg - on the positive I still lost everyweek...

SW: 108.9
CW: 106.3

GWEJ: 104.9
Total: -2.6

wk5: -0.8
wk4: -0.2
wk3: -0.1
wk2: -1.1
wk1: -0.4

Thursday, January 26, 2012

WI Week 4 12

Lost 200g this week - total 34.7kg. I have to say there was a bead of sweat on my brow as I got on the scales last week - after boasting about 13 losses I was very nervous that I had a gain which would have ended my losing streak (this is the only time you are happy with a losing streak – lol) - very relieved to have had a loss. I have been very complaisance the last two weeks - I have been doing my exercise daily but the tracking has again been hit and miss - I hate going to the meeting and holding my breath as you get on the scales and hoping for losses - when you know full well that you did not put everything in that week - hoping for a loss is not acceptable - I need to work to make sure that I have earn the loss.

Back to work next week after 6 months! Looking forward to the working side but I will miss my boys - especially the baby but it is not optional so I just need to get on with it and enjoy the time I do have with them. I will still be going to my meeting on Tuesday morning I will start work late (my boss can see my progress over the last 6 months so he is happy to continue with this arrangement) - I just need to make sure that I get the exercise in during the week - I plan on walking and using my stepper in the evenings once the boys are in bed (they are generally down my 8pm).

Happy Australia Day everyone – enjoy the day!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Statistical update January 2011

It has been a long time since I did my measurements. These measures are 6 months post my 3rd baby - interesting that even though I weigh less now than I did in July 10 I am actually bigger all over measurement wise!

Total Weight Lost:  34.5kg (24.26%)
Total CM Lost: 69.5cm

2 Sept 0911 April 1011 July 1022 Jan 12Total
Weight141.8kg115.5kg  110.0kg 107.4kg 34.5kg 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WI Week 3 12

Lost 100g last week - total of 34.5kg. I have now had 13 consecutive losses - this is the best I have done for a very very long time.

I have learnt this time round to celebrate the little losses along with the big losses as they all add up in the end. Previously I would been spewing that I only lost 100g but a loss is a loss - when I reflect on the week and ask myself if I put in 100% then the answer is no - I sort of tracked, exercised 4 days - the tracking is the key when I track meal by meal then I get good results - this is the first week where the tracking really fell behind hence the result!

I am returning to work on the 30 Jan - ready for the start of the new school year! I have been feeling very anxious about returning - I feel that I have settled into being a at home mum and now it is over (I have been home for 6 months) - I think the main thing I am struggling with is leaving my baby- he is my last baby and I know that once he starts Day-care and I return to work he will just grow so fast and my baby will be gone - probably sounds a bit silly but that is how I feel. It is not optional for me to not return it is all part of the package (I am the sole income earner,,) I know that once I am back and we settle into the routine we will be fine.

My other concern about returning to work is fitting in exercise – previously I have exercised in the evening so I will need to get back into that routine – maybe whilst it is still warm in the evenings I can take the kids out for a walk – otherwise I can get on the treadmill once they are all in bed – the 3 year old is in bed by 7:30am just need to get the baby fed and in bed by 7:30ish as well (instead of sitting on the couch and rocking him.....).  I have thought about exercising in the morning but I would have to get up around 4:30am – bit early.  I won’t be able to do any group exercise classes for while – shame because I have been really enjoying then over the last few month.

I feel alright about the food – just need to do some planning and take my lunch every day (got to stay away from the greasy lunch bar!) – It will all be good.

Feeling really good at the moment - life is good.

I have also signed up for the 1 million kilo challenge

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WI Week 2 12

The week has flown by and just realised that I did not post last week results.
Lost 1.1kg - total of 34.4kg - 12 consecutive losses... I now back to my pre-pregnancy weight. The half way mark is in sight!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WI Week 1 2012

Lost 400g this week - total 33.3kg. Pretty happy with that result - I was unwell last week so I only exercised for 1 day and did not eat a great deal - most people have big losses when they are sick except me!

I have a quiet New Year - just stayed home and watched TV until the New Year came in - not really sure why as I was alone and my baby woke at 6:30am New Years day so I was buggered all day...

I have now had 11 consecutive losses my record is 12! 

Boot camp is back this week - my daughter is home so I am hoping to get in some extra classes over the next 3 weeks before I return to work! 
I am becoming quite nervous about returning to work and being able to keep up the weight loss - I have always worked so this is nothing new to me so I am not sure why I am becoming anxious - I am sure once I am back into the routine I will sort it out.  For now I am going to focus on the next 3 weeks of being at home with my baby (and of course my 3 year old..) - maybe it is leaving the baby that I am more anxious about - he is my last baby....