Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Line in the sand

I have had an absolutely shocker of a week again – I have a few things going on that I am not coping with emotionally so instead of dealing with the issues at hand and finding other ways to cope I am eating instead – amazing how quickly we can slip straight back into old habits. Not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow I estimate another +2 kg.

Feeling extremely disappointed in me – I am feeling that all the hard work that I have done over the past 12 months is slipping away! I feel that the target that I had set for my 40th is out of reach now which is really disappointing as I this was very achievable and I was right on track until a couple of weeks ago!!

I know to turn this around is fully within my control – there maybe something that I cannot fully control at the moment but I can certainly control the food choices I make.

I know what I need to do so I just need to get on with it really….. When I have a new starting point tomorrow I will set a new mini goal...just need to get back to the basics


1 comment:

  1. Love the cartoon!!! You sound as though you have everything under control now. You recognised what you were doing, that you wanted to stop and have organised a plan of attack. Looking at your weight goals, it is obvious you are well on your way to goal - look how far you have come, well done and keep up the great work.