Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Challenge results

What can I say - I think it speaks for itself!

SW: 108.9
CW: 110.8

GWES: 105.9

Total: +1.5

wk5: +0.4
wk4: +2.0
wk3: +0.8
wk2: -2.3
wk1: +1.0

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Menu Plan set

I have set up my Food menu plan for the week - I have also included some exercise though it is really just walking at this stage - I will factor in more exercise once the food is back under control.
Feeling much better already.
I would upload my the spreadsheet can't work out how!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WI Y2 Week 3

I have had an absolule disasterous week food wise – I mean really disasterous – I had a gain of +2kg which I deserved!!

So I am taking a big deep breath – a step back and calm down. My plan is sit down tomorrow night (Thursday) write a food & exercise plan for the week and stick to it (and of course get back on the track first thing in the morning (Thursday).

My 40th is approaching and I have still have 10kg to lose….I can do this if I put 110% in….

Monday, September 20, 2010

WI Y2 Week 2

Really late on posting this week – last week had a gain of +800g bring my total back to 33.4. There was no explanation to the gain expect that the week before I did have a really big loss and sometimes a big loss can be followed by a gain which is just evening itself out I suppose!

I reinstalled my laptop operating system last week and some how – don’t ask me how – I manage to backup everything EXCEPT my photos – can you believe it – the only thing that is of any real importance (and I cannot replace or recreate) I forgot to backup!!!!! Anyway I have been in recovery mode all week trying to salvage as many of the photos as I can….I am so annoyed at myself – one for overlooking the most important stage of the backup process and for not transferring the photos to CD and my external harddrive on a regular basis – I have lost close to 12 months worth of photos – which is a lot when you have a 2 year old!! So bummed at myself anyway so that is what my nights have been taken up with over the last week.

Friday, September 10, 2010

WI Y2 Week 1 **Happy New Year**

This week marks the start of my 2nd year on this journey – I am pleased to report that I have kicked it off with a whopping 2.3kg loss – bring my total to 34.2kg – wooo hooo – pretty please with that – amazing what a little bit of variety and a full week of tracking can do!!

I am still working on ensuring that I am keeping my life in some sort of balance - I am making sure that I am getting to bed earlier especially as I have started to do my exercise in the mornings - I am getting up a 5am and walking on my treadmill – I brought myself a wireless headset so that I don’t wake the kids up (well it’s really only the teenager that was complaining!!!) whilst I am watching TV - This is working well especially when I get home after work and I don’t have to worry about doing my exercise which most of the time I manage to talk myself out of anyway!!

My son is going into hospital on Tuesday to have grommets put into his ears – this is a pretty standard operation with minimal risk – he is only 2 and has never had an operation before – I am feeling a bit anxious about how he will react to the medication (given his list of food allergies) – I know my anxiety is normal so I need to be-careful over the next few days that I don’t confuse “hunger” with anxiety……anyway I am sure he will be fine and his ears will drain properly then he will be able hear normally again (as he failed his hearing test..) Then hopefully his speech will start to improve.

Monday, September 6, 2010

August Challenge results

SW: 110.2
CW: 108.9
GWEA: 107.5

Total: -1.3

wk4: +0.6
wk3: -0.3
wk2: -0.5
wk1: -1.1

WI Week 52

Running a bit late with posting the results from last week – not good new unfortunately – I had a gain of 1kg! Bring my total back to 31.9 – I am just hovering under 110kg mark!!

Despite the gain I did do what I said I was going to do from the previous week and that was to put some balance back into my life…..I stopped working the ridiculous long hours and focus my evening more on myself – like doing some exercise, tracking and just doing some personal stuff that I have been neglecting – the main problem was I went from working around the clock to nothing so I was a bit lost at first… The other problem was even though I was turning off the computer at 10:30pm I was still not going to bed or more to the point asleep before midnight – my focus for this week was to wind down earlier so that I can be asleep by 10:30ish…

I did the Perth City to Surf 12km walk the other Sunday. There were 40,000 people participating this year and the weather was fantastic – could not have asked for a better day. I did well in the walk – I got to about the 9km mark and then started to struggle a bit – we stopped for a loo break which was more of an excuse to just stop for a couple of minutes…. I made it all the way and I was pleased that my knees and feet where feeling really good – hardly any pain at all – we then had to walk about another 3km for our lift home! At one point these two ladies past us – I overheard the young girl say “Nan I am 27years old of course I can go faster than you”….. I looked at “Nan” who I reckon was about 60 who was well and truly overtaking me…at that I felt like I was 70 years old…. On a positive front I did not participate last year as I knew there was no way I could have walked even half way without collapsing…maybe in next couple of years I will be doing the 12km run!!!

Only 3 months left until I turn 40 – I still have 10kg to lose until I reach my goal – best I get moving….