Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011 Results...

Had a great month set a target of 3kg and smashed it by 3.4kg.  Total losses for September is 6.4kg....go me....I was also lost the highest amount of weight as part of WW challenge - vey impressed first time I have been 1st!

SW: 123.0
CW: 116.6
GWES: 120.0

Total: -6.4

wk4: -1.4
wk3: -1.3
wk2: +0.3
wk1: -4.0

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week 1

Had a good start with a loss of 4.0kg bringing my total losses to 22.8.  As I am breast feeding I have a total of 52 points a day to eat... that is a lot of points – I have been having a bigger breakfast and upping the amount of protein and including more snacks during the day – the breast feeding is making me hungry so I am just trying to make healthy choices and not consume too much bread...

At this stage trying to exercise is quite hard, I am going to try and get the kids out in the pram for a walk a couple of times during the week but I am not going to put any pressure onto myself to exercise every day at the moment – once the baby is in some type of a routine then I will be able to get more exercise in – the focus at the moment is to get back into the rhyme of eating good healthy food and spending time with my kids whilst I am not working.

I'm Back

I am back at WW meeting now – actually I went back over a week ago (30th September) not much time on my hands these days with the little ones at home full time!

My starting weight is 123kg bring my total losses back to 18.8.  
Since I stopped WW last December I have gained 8.2kg – so happy with that result.  Since having my baby and starting WW (6 weeks) I had already lost already 10kg so I am well on track to getting my pregnancy weight off.  I am breast feeding and apparently that really helps with weight loss (never did with my other two but I really only breast feed half the time – this time I am breast feeding full time).