Friday, June 25, 2010

WI Wk 42

I had another good loss of 600g bringing my total to 31.6kg. I feeling a bit relieved that I have now well cleared the 30kg mark – I had this tiny little doubt in my mind that I would do something that would cause my fall backward below the 30kg (which is what I did at the 20kg mark!) – I really must learn to trust myself more!!
 I am pretty regular with my exercise but I do find that some days I struggle more than others. I was thinking to myself the other day – if we put as much energy into the actual exercise as we do the amount of time that we spend thinking about the exercise and thinking about all the reason why we can’t do it today – justifying it to yourself – we would all be as fit an athletic!

On Friday morning I go to Boot camp (which I really enjoy – even when it is 0.5c – which is unheard of in Perth!). Saturday mornings I go for a 1 hour walk talking a route that has a couple of good size hills – pushing a pram… On Sundays mornings we either go for a walk around home or lately we have been going to a Park (Lake Monger) and walking around twice (7km’s) and then spending some time in the playground with my boy .… I am generally really motivated with part of the routine.

I start to stumble when the working week starts – Monday the plan is to do 30mins high intensity on the treadmill and then a good 20mins of weight bearing exercises – then Tuesday 30mins treadmill and 15mins on the rowing machine – well that is the plan – Over the past few weeks I manage to find a justification in my head on why I can’t exercise on one of the days – there is no valid reason - just the ones that we make up in our heads – I do end up doing at least one of the days but I put myself through this process of will I, won’t I, will I, won’t I – and then well if I don’t do it tonight then I will definitely do it tomorrow night – why do I put ourselves through all this garbage – if I just got on with it probably be a fitter and closer to my goal!!

I am now only 300g off my next goal and only 700g on off my June goal – so best I get on that treadmill so that I can reach both goals next week!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week 41 WI – New\Old

Had a good loss last week of 700g bringing my total to 31kg! Pretty pleased with that.

As my body is reducing in size so are my clothes (funny enough!) – My wardrobe is full of clothes from a size 26 - 12 (yes many many years ago my butt fitted into a pair of size 12 jeans (GAP)– I have kept these jeans as I am determined that they will fit again one day – very soon!) - As I have been down sizing my body I have also been sending all the clothes that no longer fit to the Salvos – I won’t need these clothes ever again so I getting rid of them as I go – I feel that holding onto these clothes is like holding onto the past – This is my small way of letting go of the past, learning to live in the moment and looking to the future….

I have a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that are between size 18-20 (as this is the size I have probably spent the most amount of time in over the last 10 years or so) – I having been bringing these clothes to the front of the wardrobe and starting wearing – they are mainly work clothes - now I feel like I am wearing new\old clothes (if you know what I mean) – when I put on these clothes I really do feel great that they are fitting again (comfortably) – when I go to work I get comments on how great I am looking in my “new” clothes ! I have had a funny conversation of my boss about my “new” wardrobe.

I have been working with my current boss for the past 18mths so he has only ever know me at the weight I was 31kg ago – he is very supported with my WW journey as he gives me time off every Wednesday morning to attend my meeting - I work pretty long hours so it is never a problem if I need to pop out during the day to do personal stuff – as long as everything is under control he really does not question what I am doing. 

I was having a meeting with my boss (just a regular meeting) when I said to him ohh I hope it is OK but I need to go out around lunch time today for a couple of hours, he hesitate and says – is everything OK (giving me this odd look) - I said Yes - pregnant pause - he says so everything is good with you – I said, is there is a problem (I getting a bit annoyed at this point) – he said well you are dressed really nicely today and you are asking for couple of hours off and have not mentioned where you are going!! I started laughing and said are you kidding me!!! I wearing this shirt and jacket because they are fitting me again – I am just going to see a Paediatric dietician about my son’s allergies… He though I going off to a job interview….seriously…..I did have a quite chuckle for the rest of the day.

I was telling this story to one of the girls that I have worked with for the past 9 years….and she said well – I noticed your wearing that jacket which I have not seen for long time and I also noticed that you disappeared for a couple of hours and no know one knew where you were and I was wondering too what you where up to…

Amazing what 31kg a shirt and jacket can do for your appearance…..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 40 WI

Had a small loss last week of 300g brining my total to 30.3kg – I have now official lost more than 30kg – feels good to say that! It was a long weekend in WA last week and the winter weather has been just brilliant – really great weather for getting out walking, playing in the park and doing some gardening….which is just what we did last weekend – lots and lots of outdoor exercise – by the time I got back to work on Tuesday my legs were really quite sore!

It feels really good that I now have the physical energy to just be able to keep going and going – like on Sunday we (my baby and the dog) went for our usual Sunday morning walk for an hour – then after breakfast I did the gardening for about 3 hours (mainly pruning roses and digging up the dead ones!) and in between chasing after the toddler to get my gardening tools back! Then we went inside for lunch and a nap (the baby that is) – I ate lunch watched a bit of TV for probably an hour and then got back up, did some house work and then got dinner started…..and did all the usual things we need to do. The point to the story is that I was able to do all of this without having to pull myself along, without being in a lot of pain and without being totally exhausted….don’t get me wrong I was tired and I had a great night sleep but I was then able to get on the public holiday Monday, go down to lake monger and walk around the lake twice (7km) and play in the park etc…

My energy levels just keep on increasing with every 100g that I lose….

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Set it Free......

I am still on a high from reaching the 30kg mark! This has been a major milestone for me (I am sure I will say this again when I get to 40, 50, 60…….) one where I did have to break through some emotional barriers in order to push myself over the mark – I really feel like a weight has been lifted from shoulders (no punt intended!) – I feel like I am sitting at the top of hill and about to start the incline down to the 40kg mark….
 I posted my resulted no only on my blog but on the WW Community and also the WW Facebook group (basically told anyone who would listen) and I received a lot of great and very motivating comments (thanks everyone) – one particular comment that I though we very fitting for us all was left by Jules from the WW Facebook group:

I saw a quote the other day about when you loose something you expect to find it again, so instead of loosing weight, think about setting it free. You have set 30kg free!!! That's awesome! It won't come back to you if you release it!"

Wow that comment is really fitting with where I am at – it made sense to me as with every kilo I lose I do feel like I setting more and more of myself free….

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week 39 WI – 30kg DONE!!!

Well you may have gather that I lost exactly 900g this week bringing my total losses to – wait for it......30kg exactly……. I am very excited and quite chuffed with myself – I have struggled with these last couple of kilos but it has been so worth pushing through it.

I was telling one of the girls I work with today and she asked how much I had to lose – she was quite shocked but then immediately said well if you can lose 30kg then you can definitely lose 77kg – what’s the difference! At first I said A LOT…but when I though about it she is quite correct – there is absolutely no reason why I can’t the lose the 77.8kg required to get to goal – I am really really starting to believe that this is really possible and I CAN DO IT. I am feeling a bit invincible today!! Woohoo bring it on....

Thanks everyone for your continued support – it means a great deal to me and I could not do this journey without you all.

My next mini goal is to be less than 110kg which is 1.9kg away (also I am now only 8.9kg away from the half way mark! – that will be my next goal)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WI Eve

WI tomorrow morning so I though I would do a quick review of the week before getting on the scales tomorrow! I have had a good week, my focus is to get over the 30kg mark (which is only 900g away) so as planned I tracked, exercise and drank water (probably not as much as I should but I did drink at least 1.2ltr a day).
I am feeling good and lighter so we will see what the scales have to say! I have decided that if when I get over the line then I am going to take myself to see Sex and the City 2.