Saturday, October 16, 2010

One day at a time - Day 3

Don’t you just love the weekend – went for a walk first thing this morning (I like to my walk before I start the day otherwise it never happens!), then it was food shopping day ….We went to the fruit & veg shop and stocked up – last week meeting topics was about fruit & veg so I brought a few vegetables & fruit that I have not had for awhile (lately I have been allowing the teenager & toddler to dictate and what we eat!) – I going to make a fruit salad and a stir fry this week with bok choy (I can hear the groaning already lol). Then this afternoon I went rose shopping with Mum we brought 7 standard roses and then went back to her house to plant them all – the weather is beautiful in Perth today.

The downside to running around all day was that we got home a bit late so I decided to have Wok in a box for dinner – not a bad choice as far as take away goes (and low in Points according the nutritional information on their web site)…I did order a regular (as I was starving) but I really got to learn to order a small. All in all a good day - feeling better and better by the day.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Food POINTS values used 23
Food POINTS values remaining 0

2 individual wholemeal crumpet 2.5
1 serve (s) Baked Beans (130g) ham sauce Baked Beans 1.5
Subtotal 4

10 pieces Sushi 5
Subtotal 5

1 1/2 serving Wokinabox Hokkien Mee 5.5
3 serve (s) Steamed meat-filled Dim Sim 5
1 serve (s) Prawn Crackers (Fried) 2
Subtotal 12.5

1 large Skim Milk Cafi Latte 1.5
1 glass (es) Pepsi Pepsi Max 0
Subtotal 1.5

60 min Digging garden 2.5
60 min Walking with a pram 3.5
Exercise POINTS bonus earned 6.0

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