Friday, October 22, 2010

TGIFriday - tracked day 2

The weekend is almost here – had another good day food wise – went over my points by 0.5 but I have a few in reserve so I am still in front. My mother is looking after my son this evening so I have almost a peaceful night home (I am saying almost as a I have teenager stooping around as she is not getting her way!!).
I decided to have some takeaway tonight as to be honest I could be bother cooking myself anything – I did however order a small instead of a regular box and no prawn crackers – I did however have 2 dim sims (I know these are bad as they are fully of absolutely crap – but I really like them!!) I feel good with choices, I enjoyed it and I am feeling quite satisfied.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Food POINTS values used 22.5
Food POINTS values remaining -0.5

1 muffin mixed grain english muffin 2
2 whole whole egg 3.5
Subtotal 5.5

1 serve (s) Rice, Cooked Cooked Basmati Rice 2.5
1 Chicken stir fry Teriyaki 1.5
Subtotal 4

1 serving Wokinabox Hokkien Mee 3.5 (small)
2 serve (s) Steamed meat-filled Dim Sim 3.5
Subtotal 7

1 large Skim Milk Cafi Latte 1.5
1 tub (s) Forme Yoghurt 1
1 small apple 0.5
1 medium banana 1.5
1 slice (s) Bread Rye Bread 1.5
Subtotal 6

No entries for exercise.
Exercise POINTS bonus earned 0

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