Thursday, April 29, 2010

WI Week 34

After a bit of a rough start last week I managed to recover and lose 300g bringing my total of 27.6kg. I am now only 800g away from losing 20% of my body weight – should be able to achieve this next week. I am fully back on track and I am very happy that my tracker has been reset to zero – it does not do much you mentally to see negative points saved every time you log in but then again it was a reminder for a few days on the consequences of my actions.

I am rather impressed with how I handled the after mass of last Friday night – I few months ago that would have been the end of me for the rest of the week (and possibly a couple of more) and the results on the scale would have more like 3kg gain instead of a 300g loss! I am not as hard on myself these days and I am getting that weight loss is not black or white there are some grey areas too!!

I seem to be finally at the tail end of this cold – only lasted 5 weeks with two sets of antibiotics….. what with that!!! Anyway back to boot camp tomorrow I have not been for the last two weeks and strangely enough I am really looking forward to it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Back on track….

After Friday’s episode I have picked myself up and dusted of the excess crap…and got stuck back into it. My head space is great – I am re-focused and have my eye back on the prize!

On Sunday (ANZAC day) we went to Lake Monger and walked around twice (7km’s) – felt I needed a change of scenery from just walking around my immediate area. Today (Monday) we went for a 60min walk this morning and then spent 2 hours in the garden – needed to trim a couple of tress so my arms got a great workout. I have been tracking everything and drinking plenty of water – I have reduced my points down to 20pts (normally 24pts) and are not using any of my bonus points - just making sure that all the boxes are ticked!

I am feeling good - and hopefully by WI day I would have limited the damage and can move into a new week……with my tracked showing a positive save instead of a negative!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hit a wall…and bounced back

Well not literary……but I did on the food front. Last night I really over indulged in some Fried Chicken to the point value of 47pts! To be honest I am too embarrassed to public admit what I ate but I am sure you get the picture – 47pts...

Why did I do it – I am financial quite stressed at the moment so instead of dealing with this I decided to eat instead – which clearly will really help the financial problem!!! I won’t get into my financial situation but I have been spending too much for a long time and it is finally all catching up with me…..bit like my weight did really – when I am down I do two things – eat and spend….well not anymore…

I woke up this morning and way lying in bed feeling quite sorry for myself (and quite ill!) and I though to myself – I have two options:

     1. Stay here and feel sorry for myself and do nothing – because that has worked so well in the past!!

     2. Get out of bed - take control of both situations put the past behind me and move forward….as Rhonda would say “It is not what you have done that matters – it is what you do next that counts” (or something like that)

It really was not a hard decision clearly options 2 was the only the options – I got out of bed, hugged my baby and then we went for a 70min walk, did a 2 day food plan, went to the shops to restock the fruit and vegetables, cleaned the house (I find if the house is clean I feel much more in control as well), tracked all my food (including yesterday), drank my water and tonight I am going to get a financial plan sorted – maybe even need to set myself a budget (opps sorry for using such poor language) but that is what it has come too.

Feeling much better already – I have a renewed sense of energy so tomorrow we are going to walking around Lake Monger (twice) – 7km…the weather is great in Perth so looking forward to it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

WI Week 33 - stalled....

Not a great week I had a small gain of 100g! I am not too bother as I struggled quite a lot last week – not really sure why or what is triggering it but I just found myself looking for more food regardless of if I was hungry or not. I was doing a far amount of pacing around the kitchen and thinking about food a lot more. I did not track or exercise and my portion where bigger than they should have been. I had a couple of late night snacks - just a sandwich - but not the point really – this was one habit that I have worked hard to stop. I really lost my focus last week!!

On Monday I went to a WW meeting where Alison Taylor (WA 2009 Heathly life Award finalist) was speaking about how she lost 63kg – I really need to listen to someone that has lost a lot of weight and maintained it to remind me that this journey is doable and worth the fight. Alison was quite extraordinary in that she lost this weight in 9.5 months!!. A couple of keys things she did was TRACKED everything and MIX IT UP – meaning that she kept her food varied – she ate a different breakfast every day. Basically she just did exactly what WW advises to do! Alison also talked about how much better physically she is feeling, how much more energy she now has and just how much better life is in general. She was very inspiring.

It is not an option for me to give up and put back on the 27.3kg I have lost – it's just not an option. I am only 1.1kg off losing 20% of my body weight and 2.7kg from losing 30kg. I am doing really well and I just need to keep on reminding myself that this journey will not be smooth sailing – I will need to work at it every day – some days will be easy and some will be hard but the ultimate prize will be so worth it. I need to keep my eye on the prize!

Monday, April 19, 2010

40th birthday challenge halfway mark...

I set myself a challenge to be in double figures by my 40th birthday (December 2010) – I am very excited to report that I am now over the half way mark!

I had 31kg to lose, I have lost 16.4 and have 14.6 to go – feel like I am on the bend heading for the straight!!

SW - 130.8 (2/12/2009)
CW - 114.4 (14/04/2010)
GW - 99.8 (6/12/2010)

Total Losses: 16.4
TAvg: 0.7
CAvg: 0.8 (W19)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 32's all about good nutrition

Another successfully week with a loss of 1.1kg bring my total to 27.4kg...I am now only 1kg off my next goal of 20% and I am starting to feel the 30kg is within reach. I have actually been quite unwell over the last 3 weeks with a cold that developed into a chest infection - as a result I have not done any exercise for the last week! I really needed to slow down and rest my body.  I am already starting to feel stiff and my knee has started to play up again which means that already the muscle around my knee is weakening – amazing how quickly you start to feel your body breaking down – I am feeling better and need to get back into my exercise routine.

One thing that I have really got over the last few weeks is that weight loss really is 70% nutrition – In the last week I have been very careful with my nutrition as I was not going to be exercising and I still had a good loss ..... at a meeting a few weeks ago we discussed that weight loss is about good nutrition and exercise is for good overall health of your body (can’t remember exactly what was said but this is how I understood it) – if your nutrition is poor then it does not matter how much exercise you do the weight will not move. For a long time I exercised like crazy but then did not follow it up with good nutrition – I was kidding myself that exercise counteracted the poor diet that I had!

Over the past 4 weeks I have really being focusing on eating foods that contain one ingredient, reducing my sodium intake and almost eliminating pre-packaged\processed foods.....this has resulted in me losing 4.8kg!  Amazing how much eating fresh food does for our health! We are told this all the time but it is only now that I really starting to get it!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Statistical updates

Time for some statistical updates on my progress:

               Total Weight Lost:   26.3kg (18.55%)
                     Total CM Lost:   63cm (2 rulers!)

2nd Sept 097th Jan 1011th April 10Total

Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 31 WI - Easter

I am pleased to say that I sailed through Easter this year and managed to lose another 900g bringing my total to 26.3kg…..very please I have to say and getting closer to my 20% goal!

We had a great time over Easter – I was really looking forward to the 4 days off so that I could send some time with family and have a break from work! I was pretty relaxed about Easter as I am feeling very in control and was looking forward to the opportunity of doing some activity over the break.

Friday was going to the most challenging day as my families has quite a large seafood dinner which my mother cooks and I cook. The main problem with the dinner is a lot of it is deep fried!! I have tried to reduce the amount of frying over the years but I do come up with a lot of opposition…anyway we cooked honey prawns, garlic prawns, stuffed squid, battered fish, fish cakes, spring rolls, prawn wontons, oysters Kilpatrick, cold cooked prawns, seafood salad & prawn and mango salad (these where on the menu mainly for myself!!) – and a huge cherry ripe cheesecake to top it all off!!
It is all very nice and in previous years I would have devoured the whole lot until I felt like I was going to explode….. This year I ate the two salad which where absolutely beautiful and full of fresh steamed seafood, small piece of stuffed squid and 1 prawn wonton (and I stole one honey prawn from my sister plate …lol) I really enjoyed the food I chose to eat and left feeling comfortably full…and most importantly enjoyed the company of my aunts and uncles that I only see a couple of times of year (they were all very complimentary on my weight loss success…)

Sunday we went on a family picnic to John Forrest National Park – really great national park – not as great for the 20mth old toddler as there was too much gravel and no play ground! I talked my family into going on a walk which turned out to be 4.6km long…the weather was great and it was nice to be out walking in a national park for a change.

Monday I took my two kids out for a 30km bike ride – we started at Burswood, went down through city to the Narrows, through South Perth and back to Burswood. I have done this ride with my daughter several times over the years but we have not been for probably the last 3 years as I was simply to unfit and over weight to ride a bike!! I have a trailer for my baby and my daughter (who is almost 14years and who I did have to drag along with a lot of moaning….) obviously ride her own bike – we did stop along the way for drinks and in South Perth we stopped for coffee and ice-cream and a play in the playground. It took us a good couple of hours but the point of the ride was to spend some time together and get in some exercise at the same time not race along. I did struggle a little bit especially pulling the trailer up hill but I was very pleased that I managed to ride the full distant…not something I could have done 26.3kg ago… (another mini milestone for me).

I felt that Easter was a big success of course the 4 days went way to fast but I have enjoyed the two weeks of only working 4 days!! And just incase you are wondering – I decided not to eat any hot cross buns (which I absolutely love) as I decided these are a red light food for me and at this stage I am not ready to start tackling these foods. I also decided not to eat any chocolate; I was going to eat one Caramello egg but decided against it…I am not a big chocolate fan so it was no big deal.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter challenge completed

Easter challenge completed!  The target set for this challenge was 8kg - I exceeded this goal.  I set my own personal goal of 10kg which I missed by 900 close.  I am still very happy with my 9.1kg loss.

SW 125.5 (30/12/09)
CW 116.4 (31/03/10)
GW 115.5

Total losses: -9.1

wk13: -1.0
wk12: -1.8
wk11: -0.4
wk10: -1.2
wk09: +0.6
wk08: -1.2
wk07: -0.8
wk06: +0.6
wk05: 0
wk04: -0.5
wk03: -2.5
wk02: NW
wk01: -0.9