Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 11 results

Pretty disappointing results for October;  -0.7kg.  After a cracker September I was all over the place in October with some large gains and large losses - on a positive front I did end up lighter by the end of the month - just!

SW: 116.6
CW: 115.9
GWEO: 112.0

Total: -0.7

wk4: -2.2
wk3: +2.0
wk2: -1.8
wk1: +1.3

Friday, October 28, 2011

WI Week 9

Lost 2.2kg this week bring my total to 25.9 – I stuck to my plan of exercising at least 3 times and eating fruit last week.  I used the iFit on the treadmill on Wednesday & Thursday and did some weights as wells – then on Friday I went back to Bootcamp – it has been about 1 year since my last bootcamp.  The class I did was a “child friendly” class – I took the baby along and parked him in the corner so that he could watch (it is mostly in doors) – he was really good just watch for the full hour – shame I can’t say the same thing about myself.... It was hard which I was expecting but I did the full hour and kept up most of the time – my legs were like jelly and I could hardly breathe but felt great after.   My Legs where shaking for the most of the day and I was in a great deal of pain on Saturday and Sunday (eased off by Monday) – You know you are in trouble when you put off going to the loo due to the pain involved in sitting down and standing up! 

My plan is to go every Friday morning (that is the only day I can do at the moment) – with the exception of this week as Friday in a Public holiday in Perth (CHOGM)...

My plan for this week is to increase my exercise to 4 times a week.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WI Week 8...

Had a gain of +2.0kg this week – so annoyed at myself – I was so motivated after the baby was born and now my motivation is almost nonexistent – in my head I am continuously making up excuses on why I can’t exercise why I am not making the best food choices etc.. that constant argument about how I feel is back – if I put as much energy in the actual doing instead of the avoiding I would have not gain 2kg this week.

Anyway I need to more forward and not dwell on what has been done – there is one week left in October so I need to put in a huge effort this week to at least finish the month lighter than what I started (currently I am heavier..)

My goal for the week is what I stated in my last post – exercise at least 3 times this week and eating at least two different pieces of fruit.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Overdue update

I have been very slack with blogging – I could offer several excuses but they are just excuses...  I have been losing weight as you can see from results from September I am doing well but (always a but) October is not great...  See the results on side.  Again I could offer a lot of excuses but really I just need to get stuck into this once and for all.  My baby is 12 weeks now (can you believe it!) so there is no reason why I can’t be get back into doing more exercise – I have had no pain with my C-Section for a few weeks now so it should be good.  I gave my exercise room a good clean today – it had become the local dumping ground so it is ready to go.

On the food front I have been doing OK but I could be doing a lot better – I am watching what I am eating most of the time but I am not I have no idea if I am within my daily points or not.  I know with a little bit of planning I could be eating a lot better...and in smaller portions.   

I am still breast feeding 95% of the time so it is important for me to be eating well in order to keep up my milk supply and feed my baby the best possible milk (I also think it is the breast feeding that is helping with my weight loss).  I will only be breast feeding until the end of December as I have to return to full time work in late January so I need to make the most of it (on a weight loss front).  

My plan is to exercise for at least 30mins for 3 days this week and to eat two different pieces of fruit each day (I am saying different as otherwise I will just eat bananas – which are still at $11kg!) and to blog my results and progress each week.