Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010 Challenge - completed

The January challenge is now complete - I am pleased to report that I not only meant my target of 3.2kg but managed to exceed it by 700gm lossing a total of 3.9 for January.

SW: 125.5
CW: 121.6
GW: 122.3

Total losses: 3.9
wk4: -0.5
wk3: -2.5
wk2: NW
wk1: -0.9

Friday, January 29, 2010

Boot camp Week 2

I survived my second week of Boot camp!! As strange as it may sound I was actually looking forward to going back – not quite sure why as the pain in my thighs did not stop until Wednesday!!! You know you are in trouble when you need to hold onto the walls to sit on the toilet!!

Today we started with the “jog” I did manage to jog (I am using the word jog in a very lose fashion as it feels more like a forward stagger..) a bit further today and then walked pushing myself as fast as possible, we did those horrid stepping lungers again, I felt a bit better at them this week – last week I felt like I was going to topple over the whole time – did some side stepping, jumping (I had to pass on the jumping as it was too harsh on my knees) etc.. Then she sent us down towards the beach….I was scared… I have enough trouble walking on a flat solid ground….the others had to go down the stairs then run the ocean and come back run up the stairs and repeat this 4 times – she was a bit nicer to me (or maybe she could see the fear in my eyes…) I had to go up and down the stairs 4 times then walk down the ocean and come back as fast as possible…I did it but I was well out of breath….not sure what we did after that I was still trying to get the air back into my lungs!!! We ended the session with “matt” time which as I am discovering is the time every hangs out for as that means we are almost at the end – we did a lot of Pilates type stretches which were really good (Pilates is something that I would like to get back into as well).

All in all I felt great when I finished, my legs were a little wobbly but nothing like last week – though as I sit here I can feel my abs and thighs starting to hurt – ohhh I can’t wait for the morning to see what pain awaits….

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 21 WI – 20kg DONE

Finally finally finally I have reached the 20kg mark – I lost 500g this week bringing my total to 20.2kg. I am very impressed with myself. If you had told me 5 months ago that I would have lost this much in 21weeks I would have laughed….

The journey this time around has been a lot easier that all of my other attempts (and this have been many….) – it is starting to become more and more apart of my life…I am wanting to put only healthy food into my body now - I don’t crave any of that high fat food that 6 months ago I could barely go a day without!! How far I have come in a relativity short time…I am feeling very positive that this is the only the beginning and life will just get better from here….

Another big advantage of losing of 20.2kg (can’t forget the point 2 lol) is that I have dropped a couple sizes in my clothes. 6 months ago I was struggling to find anything that fit (regardless of how hideous it looked!) – Size 26 was barely fitting….well I am please to say that the size 26 & 24 are now way too big and I am now wearing size 20 pants and size 22 top firm but comfortable.

My next goal is to be under 120kg - 1.7 to go...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Boot camp....survival story

Well I finally did it - I went to boot camp and survived, did not vomit or pass out once lol. My friend who I exercise with has been going for quite a while - I have been thinking about but was waiting until I had lost enough weight and was fit enough. I was really nervous and quite anxious thinking to myself – what if I can’t do it, what if I look like a complete fool, what if I am the fattest there etc… you know the story…! I finally decided that it was time to give it a go – no time like the present…

When we arrived I seen the other girls and they were all tiny little things – my head dropped and I said to my friend – they are all so tiny…I really hesitated in getting out of the car - then I though to myself - no I am as good as anyone else and deserve the right to be here as much as anyone else!

The class got started and we did some squats, jogging (mainly walking for me but I made sure I was pushing myself at a descent pace), lunges (lots and lots), side steps etc.. and then we did some sprints…..

I could not quite keep up with the rest of the class and when we did the sprinting (I was doing more of a jog well maybe a forward stagger but I was doing the motion!). - I only went 3/4 of the way and was way at the back of the pack, you know I felt good because I knew that as long as I keep going it won't be long and I will be at the front of the pack (even the middle will do…). I was jogging, I was jogging can you believe it! – very impressed with that achievement….

It was really good - my legs felt like jelly after and they are really really sore now (14 hours later…) – not looking forward to the morning…
I have signed up for next week...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 19 & 20 Weigh in

This week results are based on the last two weeks as we were away last week camping. I am very pleased to report a loss of 2.5kg – bring my total to 19.7kg. Very impressed with me especially as I we were away and out of our normal routine – clearly running after the baby for a week worked a treat!

I am now 300g off the 20kg mark which is my next goal – I am very confident that I crack the 20kg next week – actually I am sure that I can smash through the 20kg next week…..alright maybe I am starting to get a little cocky…lol

Feeling great and looking forward to the next week – back at work on Monday so I will need to get organised again with my food and an exercise plan. I decided that on Friday I am going to give Boot Camp a go….my neighbour who I exercise with does boot camp a couple of times of week so I think it is time for me to step it up a notch….I will you let know how it goes assuming I am still alive!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have mention a few times about the small achievements through my journey over the last few months. A trip to the movies this week is another example.

Going to the movies at 142kg had become a bit of choir – let not even mention the – I hope she does not sit next to me - looks…. – The struggle starts as soon as I needed to climb the stairs to find a seat – I generally go with my daughter who likes to sit towards the back – we generally comprise and sit in the middle – I climb the stairs holding on to find a seat where we don’t have to sit next to anyone…Then sit through the next 2 hours or so….the problems is that I had become to big for the seats so I generally had to lift the arm up to find myself spilling over into the next seat… knees would ache , I could feel the pressure building in my legs because I could not stretch them out and just felt like I was squashed into a confined space…Then the hardest part was when you had to leave….I found that standing up again I had to wait a minute for my legs and feet to start working, I would wait until everyone behind me had left so that when I climb down the stairs I could hold on and put both feet onto each step….seriously I felt and probably looked like I was 100 years old!!!

Today (Monday) we went to see Avatar which is a 3 hour movie (great movies really recommend you go and see it) – I walked into the cinema and yes the same looks – I hope she does not sit next to me – but this time I was able to just walk up the stairs find a seat (not next to anyone), sit down – did not need to move the arm rest as I was quite comfortable – watch the movies, nothing ached and then when it ended just got up and walked down the stairs one foot on one step just like a “normal” person…

I still have a very long way to go in my journey but just losing 10% of my weight is already giving back some of the simple things in life – like going to the movies with my daughter!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Last week my family with a friend went on a camping trip to Busselton. The camp site belongs to a friend of mine that had been there for the previous two weeks and she left all of her camping equipment behind so that we could borrow it for the week – all we had to do was show up and sit down – bloody brilliant. The camp site came complete with a 3 room tent, fridge, microwave, fans, cutlery etc.. you get the picture.. The camp grounds where gorgeous extremely clean, very little sand but lots of flies (I suppose you can’t have everything lol). The grounds contained two swimming pools and were just across the road from the beach.

I took my 17mth old son which proved to be very challenging! The main problem I had with my son was that I could not lock him into our camp space so he was continuously crawling off towards the road – the big problem with the road was not the cars but all the kids cycling & scooting around – they tend to look sideways instead of straight ahead!! My relaxing week was not to be…
We arrived on late Saturday afternoon and my friend with her two children arrived on Monday lunch time – we are now camping with 3 teenagers (my daughter took a friend) a 7 year old and the toddler – aaarrrrgg what were we thinking!!

The teenagers pretty much went off and did there own thing, returning for food and water. We did a lot of walking around the camp site with the toddler in his green bike, taking him to the park to burn off some of his energy (I forgot just how much they have….). We took our bikes and a carriage to do some cycling – we ride into Busselton which was about 5kms away on the Tuesday which was a great ride – I was very impressed with myself as I have not been fit enough for a couple of years to even attempt a bike ride…The preparation for the ride almost did me in – the teenagers winged as they did not want to come, the baby was screaming because well because….the 7 year old was also complaining and refusing to come….I at one point I was about to give in and then put my foot down and told them all as nicely as I could to shut up, get on there bike and get moving….(though gritted teeth but I did not swear once – well not out loud!) – it was well worth it as once we reach the destination everyone was glad (it did take a lot of coaching to get the 7year old to the destination…a lot)…anyway we looked at the rebuilding of the Busselton jetty, played on the beach and had some lunch. The teenagers every decided to ride back themselves the following day so that they could go to the water play ground (which they did do).
Each day we went to the beach as the baby really enjoyed the beach (he was very cute crawling in and out of the water and playing in the sand) – we either rode or walked (depending on the bum soreness factor lol). We stayed quite active for the entire week.

On the food front – We ate lots of salads and had barbecues daily; I made sure that we had plenty of fruit and salad type foods to eat. I must say though it was difficult to stay on track with the food – as the week worn on I was finding myself starting to stray towards the barbecue shapes and ice cream a bit (my friend showed up with a heap of junk food – which I did not count on!). I started to feel a bit disappoint in myself for “failing” and then reminded myself that it is just food, it is not big deal and I will just have to work a bit harder when I get home – so I relaxed enjoyed the break, walked lots of just kept the damage to a minimum. As soon as I returned home I was straight back on the journey first thing on the Saturday morning (not waiting until I weighed in again like I would have done in the past!) and feeling very good.

The biggest achievement for myself during the week was knowing that the work I have done over the past few months made this trip a success – had I gone a few months ago I would not have been able to ride the bike let along pull a carriage with a 12kg baby in side, sleep on the floor (as I simply would not have been able get myself back up) and just walk around and swim like everyone else. I never though that just losing 10% of my body weight would have this much positive effect on my life and my kids.

All in all a great holiday…

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I finally got around to updating my measurements – I took them on the first week but I have not done them again until today.

When I took my measurements back in September I horrified to find that tape measure did not fit around my hips…I am very happy to report that it does now fir with some overlap!!

2nd Sept 2009
7th Jan 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 18 – trust the process as it works…

I don’t know what I was getting worried about yesterday as I have lost a further 900grams last week – bring my total to 17.2kg – very happy with that result.
I just need to remind myself to trust the process as clearly it works…

Next week I am off camping for a week next to the beach – really looking forward to this – we are planning on being very active over the week – taking the bikes, will be doing lots of swimming (there is a pool at the camp site) and will be doing some sand walking!! Should be a great week Food wise – I don’t have much of a plan, just plan on eating lots of salads, fruit and cooking on the barbecue.

This will mean that I won’t be weighing for the next 2 weeks - I will need to be careful that I don’t full into the mindset that I can get away with a bit more as I am not weighing next week so it does not matter!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weigh in eve…..

The great thing about having a huge loss is the massive boast that it gives – it makes you feel like you can conquer the world and can really do this whole weight loss thing… The down side is that the next weight in is generally quite small or could result in a gain - brings you crashing back down to earth!!

Tomorrow is my weight in after the large loss and I am feeling very nervous – I know that the scales are just one form of measurement in this journey and there are a lot more that are just as or even more important than the scales, for example: I can now get myself off the ground without aid– I could not do that 16.3kg ago!!

I will remain calm and see what tomorrow brings and regardless of the result on the scales – I am a much healthily, fitter and happier person that I was a few months ago or 16.3kg ago…

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Exercise Final Update

We hit another dump along the road this week - my neighbour hurt her back so she has been out of action since new year eve.  You will see that as soon as I was no longer accountable to someone else that the exercise drops off!  When we have a commitment to someone else then we tend to honour that commitment, as soon as that commitment is to ourselves we have 101 excuses why we can't follow through!!  As soon as my neighbour was unable to exercise I found myself making excuses on why I could not do the full routine ie:  tired, housework, too hot etc..... 
I am still pleased with what we accomplished over the past week - I am back at work on Monday so I will back to my normal routine!

What we accomplished:

Saturday (26th Dec) –
7:30am: 30mins treadmill & 30min weights;
7:30pm: 15mins rowing, 15mins treadmill & stretching.
Sunday (27th Dec) –
7:45am: 17mins treadmill, 10mins rowing & 30min weights;
7:00pm: 15mins rowing, 30mins walk & stretching.
Monday (28th Dec) –
7:30am: 15mins rowing, 15min weights & 55mins walking;
7:00pm: 30min walk & stretching.
Tuesday (29th Dec) -
7:30am: 15mins rowing, 15min weights & 55mins walking;
7:00pm: 30min walk & stretching.
Wednesday (30th Dec) -
7:30am: 55mins walking;
7:00pm: 30min walk & stretching.
Thursday (31st Dec) -
7:30am: 55mins walking & stretching;
7:00pm: 30min walk & weights.
Friday (1st Jan) -
8:00am: 60mins walking;
Saturday (2nd Jan) -
8:00am: 60mins walking;

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions 2010

I am not big on NYR’s simply because they are the same each year i.e.: lose weight, exercise, save money, clean the car blah blah blah…..I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be a different year and that my life is really starting to change (maybe I am entering a new cycle in my life – who knows!) – more to the point I am changing and starting to really believe in myself.

My focus or NYR for 2010 is
  • Be kind to myself;
  • Forgive myself;
  • Believe in myself;
  • Live a healthy lifestyle;
  • Most importantly be happy and enjoy my children.
  • Lose weight;
  • Exercise;
  • Save money;
  • Stop buying useless crap on the internet;
  • Clean the car
Sorry couldn’t help myself!!

Have a great year everyone…