Monday, November 30, 2009

November 2009 Challenge

SW: 134.7
CW: 130.4
GW: 130.7

W1: -0.7
W2: -1.2
W3: -0.4
W4: -2.0

November challenged completed!!
Exceeded goal by 300g..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Damm scales....

I started weighing myself each day - which I should probably stop (sorry Rhonda you would think after all these years I would know better!!) - and the scales are going up not down - I have a feeling that my 2kg loss last week was not a true loss....I am still eating well, tracking and doing all the exercise (even did an extra session on Friday night!) and the scales are just going in the wrong direction - starting to get a bit down....not sure I am ready for a gain!!
I seem to have gained about 1kg....why are they doing this to me....I know they are just another tool and I know that I should not be weighing until next Wednesday but I seem to need some measure that I am on the right track....though they are starting to have a negative effect…..I really should put them away and keep my focus on racking, portion control, exercise, water etc.. right???....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week 12 WI - Smashed the 10kg...

Wooo hoo had a massive loss of -2kg this week bringing my total to 11.4kg – how good is that!! This translates to 12 consecutives losses…..(can I include the week I stayed the same?..I think sooo) – I am truly on a roll. This also means that I exceeded my GWEN target of 4kg by 300g – feels great to not only meet a target but to exceed it as well.

The main difference for me this week was my workout using the iFit – my little virtual trainer “Rhonda” really stepped up the pace – like last night I did a 30min workout at a 10% incline by 5.6km (not the whole time but a good proportion) – nearly killed me but I did it (calf muscle where feeling the pain this morning.. lol).

The week did not go by without incident – I did jump on the “why me” train for a short while but I managed to go only a few stops and then hopped off without any collateral damage (obviously hehe) – this is quite a change from the person that probably would have gone into a week long binge just a few weeks. I am defiantly on the road to managing my emotions and expressing them verbally (or written on the WW community – which I have to say, is just fantastic!!) – instead of eating my way through them – big change for me and clearer with my results is working.

My next goal is to go under 130kg just need another 500g…

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love my iFit

Last weekend I went and picked my iFit that has been back order for 3 months!!!!

An iFit is an electronic personal trainer that plugs into my treadmill (it is the size of a memory card). I had a goal last week to increase my walking speed from 4.7km to 5km by the end of this week. I have the beginner Level 1 card and did my first workout last Saturday night. My virtual PT name is Rhonda (which ironically is the name of my WW leader – my daughter got a huge kick out that lol), I wack in the card hit the start button and off I went – the first 4 minutes is the warm up walking at about 4km – then it takes off – for next 12mins I am walking at 5.4km with an incline that steadily went up to 6% - every minutes something changes (either the incline or speed) - then last 4 mins is the cool down (20min session).

I managed to get through the entire 20min workout without stopping and collapsing in a heap on the floor – I was dripping in sweat and could not talk for the next 20mins but I DID IT!!! I was so very impressed with myself that I well and truly exceeded my goal for the week. It is quite amazing what we are physically capable of when pushed a bit. Since last Saturday and I have continued to do a session each day moving through the levels (speed and incline are slowly increasing – god help me…) and even managed a double session on Thursday night….Go me…. (yay mummy as my son would say if he could speak!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Week 11 – WI results

Weighed in on Monday this week instead of my normal day of Wednesday (due to work commitments) and I am very happy to report that I have lost another 400g bringing my total losses to 9.4kg. Feeling really great – my work pants are starting to become too big (I will need to dig through my wardrobe and find the next size down!!)
Though I was hoping to crack the 10kg mark this week I am confident that I will crack it next week – just need another 600g…

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 10 WI – great loss

Had a great loss this week of 1.2kg – really happy – this bring my total to 9kg which means that I have now lost 9kg in 10weeks !!!!!!!! being an average of 900g a week. That translates into 10 consecutive weeks without a gain……how good is that!! I am confident that I will crack the 10kg mark next week..

You may have gathered that I am feeling a bit chuffed with myself at the moment….I have a very long way to go but as each week passes I am getting closer and I will slowly get there. Feeling like a million bucks today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weight in Eve – Week 10

Tomorrow is WI day – I am feeling a lot calmer this evening than I have been in previous weeks – feeling very confident with whatever tomorrow WI brings.
I though I would reflect on the week without the influence of the scales (as I put way too much emphasis on the scales!!).

My exercise routine is really starting to fall into place – I managed to do 5 sessions this week, mainly on the treadmill and the weight machines. Currently I am walking at 4.7km for 30 mins, I am finding that if I read at the same time the times goes a lot faster, my goal by the end of next week is to build up to 5km for the full 30mins – I feel that this is achievable as the 4.7 is starting to become comfortable. On my weight machines I have decided not to increase the weights instead increase the number of reps per station.

All in all it is working well; the only negative is that physically my body is really struggling; mainly back, knees and feet are quite painful. In the past I would have given up by now, I am finding though the more pain I am in the more determine I am to keep going as I know that as I reduce my body size the pain will lessen…

On the food front – this is going really well, I am feeling very in control and have had no overwhelming craving for crap food for a few weeks now. I am even starting to reach for fruit as the first option instead of the last!! Never though that would happen….My plan next week is to change my lunch a bit – starting to just take tuna and salad everyday….which I like but I know that if I don’t mix it up then I am easier swayed at work to get something else!! (With the exception of pay Friday Chinese – that is my lunch treat for the fortnight). Also the tracking has been a bit lapse so I need to pull this into check (I am tracking but find that I end up doing two days at the same time!!).

Great week – feeling healthy and happy.

Goals for next week:
1. Increase treadmill speed to 5km = 30mins
2. Track, Track & Track every day
3. Spruce up lunch

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Week 9 WI - another loss....

Lost another 0.7kg this week – I have to be honest and say that at first I was not particular happy about the loss – I was expecting a bigger result as I lost nothing the week before. A major problem I have with myself is the exception that I set – they are generally unrealistic. In the past when I have not met the extremely high expectation I just gave up!! Hence why I am the weight I am.

My leader reminded that I have not gained for 9 consecutives weeks….I am so happy with that fact you would not believe..

Once I started to process where I am at I decided that 700g is a great result and I am very happy with my progress so far - my total losses to date are 7.8kg.

I am really starting to believe that I can truly conquer my battle with weight.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weigh in Eve....

Weigh in tomorrow – again I am feeling very anxious. Why is it the day before I have so much doubt about my ability? I have tracked all week, I have done the exercise – it has been a bit of struggle due to my unnecessary sulking about not losing anything last week!! Overall it has been a successfully week. Yet here I am again the day before feeling like I could eat everything in sight – it is almost like a justification for if the scales do not show a negative result (in a positive way – you know what I mean..) then it was OK to overeat. I seriously need to work on removing the focus from the scales and focus on good health – the weight loss part will come naturally – wont it?

Moving on….. My new found energy levels on Saturday have left me very very sore for the past 3 days – I may have over done it a wee bit…. Sunday I was really sore, (you know you are in trouble when even sitting on the toilet is painful!!) as long as I kept moving and did not need to bend down – which is very difficult with a 14mth baby it was not so bad … I did my workout on Sunday regardless though I have to admit the previous enthusiasm was a bit lacking and I was working at a much lighter space – none the less I got it done. Monday my legs had seized up – I was so stiff it was no longer funny – the main problem being that I sit all day at work… so I decided to rest up and not do my workout. Today (Tuesday) things are much better – did my workout almost back at full speed – almost….

Regardless of the result tomorrow I will keep moving forward – one step at a time…