Friday, December 30, 2011

December 2011 Challenge

December was a great month weight loss wise (actually all round as it was my Birthday and Christmas..) I managed to achieve to my goal plus a bit more.
Target was 3.5 - achieved 4.6 - 1.1 over...woohoo.

SW: 113.5
CW: 108.9
GWED: 110.0

Total: -4.6

wk4: -1.6
wk3: -1.3
wk2: -0.7
wk1: -1.0

WI Week 18 (final for 2011)

Lost 1.6kg brings my total to 32.9kg....  I was very focused over Christmas as I really wanted to lose 500g to reach my December goal - well I did that plus a bit more - very happy.
I had 1 homemade fruit mince pie (which was absolutely delicious) - a small piece of Christmas pudding with custard and a croissant on Christmas day - I really took my time to enjoy the food and then move on - I found myself looking at some food and asking myself if it was going to help me lose my 500g for the week?

I am so close to being back to where I was only 1.3 to go...I really feel that once I get back to where I was I can really move on - I can also almost feel the double figures are back within my grasp.

2012 is going to be year that I really make a huge bent in my weight loss - can I make it to goal by the end of 2012???  It is a tall order but doable - I would need to lose an average of 800g a week to achieve my ultimate goal ...I am currently averaging 800g a week so really why not....why can't I achieve this goal - there is no reason really.

This is a saying that I picked up from the WW site (sorry can't quite remember where)
"Don’t just hope for things to change, be the change"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

WI Week 17

Lost 1.3kg brings my total to 31.3... Very happy with that loss - just need 500g to reach my December goal - I am feeling very confident about Christmas - I am going to be very selective about what I choose to eat and make sure that I enjoy it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

WI Week 16

Lost 700g this week brings my total to 30kg exactly - very happy to be back at the 30kg mark.

I have finally come to the conclusion that getting this weight off is going to take sometime - I know this sounds odds but for some reason after I had my 3rd baby I had this idea that whilst I am off work for 6mths that I would just exercise like crazy and loose heaps of weight really quickly (biggest loser style!). The reality is being at home with 3 children (15, 3 and 4mths) takes a lot of my time especially a new baby. Most days I can get 1 hour of exercise in but that is generally it...some days it can take me 1.5hrs to do 1hr!

I am doing well food wise and feeling a lot calmer about food - I am not obsessing about it like I use to...

Craig Harper wrote a great article on "The Instant Gratification" - this was me for years...
"Then there’s the woman who has wanted to lose weight for years. And years. She constantly sabotages her weight-loss endeavours with her need for some instant taste-bud pleasure. Hour after hour. Day after day. Despite the fact that she hates how she looks and feels, her need for instant caloric gratification keeps her trapped on the slippery slope of over-eating, self-loathing and depression. Eating gives her instant (albeit fleeting) pleasure but not eating doesn’t give her instant weight-loss, so eating it will be."

For most part I no longer look for the instant gratification and I have finally got that eating for the moment does not help me later - like I said for the most part...I am not 100% there yet...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WI week 15

Lost 1kg brings my total to 29.3kg.

I had a good week food wise though I do need to find some new recipes.. I went to boot camp on Friday but they changed the time and forgot to tell me so I got a 45min PT session instead (for the same price) - now I know why most people do PT in 30min blocks! I also walked on my treadmill 3 time walking 5km each time (takes me 1hr) - no incline walking due to my back.

My back has been really sore since my son was born. I have been going to the chiropractor regularly since birth but it seems to be getting worst - I am now seeing a physio as well - I pulled back on the exercise this week hoping that it would ease but it made no different. It is more the top part of my back that is problem which could be caused by breast feeding...(which is what the chrio & physio seem to think). Hopefully it will start to improve soon.

It is my 41st birthday today - just another day really!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 11 results

Fell a bit short with my November target but not to worry still on the way down!  On the bright side I had a loss each week...

SW: 115.9
CW: 113.5
GWEN: 112.0

Total: -2.4

wk5: -0.8
wk4: -0.3
wk3: -0.7
wk2: -0.5
wk1: -0.1

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WI Week 14

Lost 800g this week bringing my total to 28.3kg - I have now had 6 consecutive losses in row albeit small loss but losses none the less - averaging 700g per week – I was really happy when I realised that – I just need to keep remembering that it is all the small losses that are edging me closer and closer to ultimate goal.

I went to bootcamp twice last week – the Friday session there was just two of us and the trainer last session before she goes off to get married – she absolutely caned us, totally shattered when I left  -great session.  I really like bootcamp and most people are shocked when I say that I go at least once a week (I would like to go more but I can’t take the toddler – he would run an absolute muck – I take the baby because does not move yet...) – people seem to think that you have to thin and fit to do bootcamp but is that not the point of going to get thin and fit!  I know that I am the biggest by far and the slowest – the trainer often gets me to do a modified version of an exercise if it is obvious that I am struggling or just not going to be able to do it at this weight - I know that in time that I will be able to keep up with everyone and maybe even one day just look “normal”.

I went to a naming ceremony on Sunday – the girls that where putting it on make the most delicious red velvet cakes and homemade sausage rolls – I gave myself permission to sample a couple and enjoy every bit – which I did and they were worth every PP (no clue how PP but hey there were good) – we were at a lake so after I took the boys for a walk to see the swans and a play – then when we got home I walked 5km on the treadmill – I felt good and well in control.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WI week 13

Lost 300g brings my total to 27.5.
I was a bit dark about only losing 300g as I doesn't reflect the amount of work I put in last week

As mentioned in my last post I am now us the WW app on my iPod (which I love). I having been tracking meal by meal instead of tracking at the end of the day (where I then find I have over spent!) which I have not done for a very long time.

Anyway I am moving on as up until I got on the scales I was feeling good and motivated. I need to remember that the scales are not the be all to end all in this journey.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 12 WI

Lost 700g total 27.2kg.
I had a good week - pulled myself out of the little slump that I was in and got on with the job at hand.
Moved exercise to the top of my priority list - did boot camp on Friday only 2 of us so we had an intense workout. Saturday walked on treadmill 50min, Sunday walked with the baby and dog for 70min and did some weights; Monday walked on treadmill 50min. Exercise always lifts my mood and it gives me more engery.

I finally got the iPod fixed and downloaded the WW app - I love it - so easy to track your food - last week was the first time for a very long time that I actually tracked each meal as I prepared and ate it. Normally I would track at the end of the day or not at all!
And you can keep tracking when you are not connected to the web - when you reconnect it sync back - great for keeping a track when you are out.

I am feeling much better and motivated to get this weight off - I have 10 weeks left until I return to work...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 11 WI

Lost 500g last week total 26.5kg.
I struggled last, not feeling particularly great about how much weight I have lost since going back - lost 7.7 in 11 weeks. I feel that as I am at home and breast feeding I should have lost a lot more. I am also struggling with being at home fulltime. I am quite board and feel like I achieve very little by the end of the day. I only have a few more weeks at home and then I am back at work fulltime, so I need to make the most of it as it will be a long time before I get to have more than a couple of weeks off at a time.

I re-assessed how much weight I have lost and I am averaging 800g a week - which is really good, once I realised this I felt a lot better. At the end of the day you only get back what you put in - at the moment I am only half in - I have not been tracking and exercise is at the bottom of my to do list! If I want more need I to do more.

I am watching biggest loser USA season 9 (which I am now going do on the treadmill instead of the couch!) there is a mother and daughter - the daughter says to her mum "what if I can't do it" - the mother looks at her daughter and says "what if you can" I was really moved and though we spend so much time worrying about failing instead of succeeding.

I am going to appreciate my time at home and focus on getting myself into shape before I return to work. It would be great to be double figures by then (return to work late January).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 10 W

I had a loss of 100g this week bring my total to 26kg – a bit disappointed was expecting a bit more but I suppose a loss is a loss....I am not dwelling on just moving on.

I had a good week overall – I exercised 4 times last week – twice on the treadmill, stepper and weights, took the baby out for a 1 hour walk on a route that has two large hills and spent a day gardening – no bootcamp last week due to a public holiday.

Food wise I did well – tracking is a bit hit and miss – hmmm maybe that it’s the reason for the 100g loss – the week I tracked I lose 2.2 the week that I sort of track I lose 100g... might be something in that! 

I am struggling a bit with motivation at the moment – I am currently at home full time at the moment which is different for me – normally I am working and raising children – this is only for a short time as I am back at work full time late January (just in time for the start of the school year).  It is different being home – there is food around all the time and I find that my day is nearly over before I feel that I have achieved a great deal – I have to keep on reminding myself that keeping a toddler and a baby occupied is a full time job on his own.  I am still breast feeding the baby so that still takes some time during the day – it is very easy to stay sitting on the couch long after we have finished the feed – I do have to push myself each day to do the exercise – once I get started I am fine it is just the getting started that is the struggle – I just need to get back into that zone that I was in when I was losing weight steadily before I decided to have another baby...

It is a work in progress.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 11 results

Pretty disappointing results for October;  -0.7kg.  After a cracker September I was all over the place in October with some large gains and large losses - on a positive front I did end up lighter by the end of the month - just!

SW: 116.6
CW: 115.9
GWEO: 112.0

Total: -0.7

wk4: -2.2
wk3: +2.0
wk2: -1.8
wk1: +1.3

Friday, October 28, 2011

WI Week 9

Lost 2.2kg this week bring my total to 25.9 – I stuck to my plan of exercising at least 3 times and eating fruit last week.  I used the iFit on the treadmill on Wednesday & Thursday and did some weights as wells – then on Friday I went back to Bootcamp – it has been about 1 year since my last bootcamp.  The class I did was a “child friendly” class – I took the baby along and parked him in the corner so that he could watch (it is mostly in doors) – he was really good just watch for the full hour – shame I can’t say the same thing about myself.... It was hard which I was expecting but I did the full hour and kept up most of the time – my legs were like jelly and I could hardly breathe but felt great after.   My Legs where shaking for the most of the day and I was in a great deal of pain on Saturday and Sunday (eased off by Monday) – You know you are in trouble when you put off going to the loo due to the pain involved in sitting down and standing up! 

My plan is to go every Friday morning (that is the only day I can do at the moment) – with the exception of this week as Friday in a Public holiday in Perth (CHOGM)...

My plan for this week is to increase my exercise to 4 times a week.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WI Week 8...

Had a gain of +2.0kg this week – so annoyed at myself – I was so motivated after the baby was born and now my motivation is almost nonexistent – in my head I am continuously making up excuses on why I can’t exercise why I am not making the best food choices etc.. that constant argument about how I feel is back – if I put as much energy in the actual doing instead of the avoiding I would have not gain 2kg this week.

Anyway I need to more forward and not dwell on what has been done – there is one week left in October so I need to put in a huge effort this week to at least finish the month lighter than what I started (currently I am heavier..)

My goal for the week is what I stated in my last post – exercise at least 3 times this week and eating at least two different pieces of fruit.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Overdue update

I have been very slack with blogging – I could offer several excuses but they are just excuses...  I have been losing weight as you can see from results from September I am doing well but (always a but) October is not great...  See the results on side.  Again I could offer a lot of excuses but really I just need to get stuck into this once and for all.  My baby is 12 weeks now (can you believe it!) so there is no reason why I can’t be get back into doing more exercise – I have had no pain with my C-Section for a few weeks now so it should be good.  I gave my exercise room a good clean today – it had become the local dumping ground so it is ready to go.

On the food front I have been doing OK but I could be doing a lot better – I am watching what I am eating most of the time but I am not I have no idea if I am within my daily points or not.  I know with a little bit of planning I could be eating a lot better...and in smaller portions.   

I am still breast feeding 95% of the time so it is important for me to be eating well in order to keep up my milk supply and feed my baby the best possible milk (I also think it is the breast feeding that is helping with my weight loss).  I will only be breast feeding until the end of December as I have to return to full time work in late January so I need to make the most of it (on a weight loss front).  

My plan is to exercise for at least 30mins for 3 days this week and to eat two different pieces of fruit each day (I am saying different as otherwise I will just eat bananas – which are still at $11kg!) and to blog my results and progress each week. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011 Results...

Had a great month set a target of 3kg and smashed it by 3.4kg.  Total losses for September is 6.4kg....go me....I was also lost the highest amount of weight as part of WW challenge - vey impressed first time I have been 1st!

SW: 123.0
CW: 116.6
GWES: 120.0

Total: -6.4

wk4: -1.4
wk3: -1.3
wk2: +0.3
wk1: -4.0

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week 1

Had a good start with a loss of 4.0kg bringing my total losses to 22.8.  As I am breast feeding I have a total of 52 points a day to eat... that is a lot of points – I have been having a bigger breakfast and upping the amount of protein and including more snacks during the day – the breast feeding is making me hungry so I am just trying to make healthy choices and not consume too much bread...

At this stage trying to exercise is quite hard, I am going to try and get the kids out in the pram for a walk a couple of times during the week but I am not going to put any pressure onto myself to exercise every day at the moment – once the baby is in some type of a routine then I will be able to get more exercise in – the focus at the moment is to get back into the rhyme of eating good healthy food and spending time with my kids whilst I am not working.

I'm Back

I am back at WW meeting now – actually I went back over a week ago (30th September) not much time on my hands these days with the little ones at home full time!

My starting weight is 123kg bring my total losses back to 18.8.  
Since I stopped WW last December I have gained 8.2kg – so happy with that result.  Since having my baby and starting WW (6 weeks) I had already lost already 10kg so I am well on track to getting my pregnancy weight off.  I am breast feeding and apparently that really helps with weight loss (never did with my other two but I really only breast feed half the time – this time I am breast feeding full time).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a boy

On the 21st July my beautiful baby boy was born at 2:19pm by C-section. Darcy Leigh weighed 7.4lbs (3.4kg), 51cm long - he is perfect. Everything went according to plan for both of us.

Tomorrow he will be 3 weeks already - he is feeding very well (every 3 hrs!) and gaining weight nicely - he is a good baby only cries when he wants to be fed.

Weight wise I gain about 20kg - I am not bother about the weight gain as I know that I can take it off pretty quickly - I will be back at WW in about 3 weeks to finish the job that I started...