Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still here

I am still here – I am still moving along with my weight loss journey just stopped blogging!

I have been all over the place in the last 3 months or so – at my lowest I hit 101.1kg so close to double figures – I panicked, gained 8+kg and ended up at 108.7 – I am back on track again, lost 1.6 last week so back to 107.1.

 What worked for me last time (prior to having baby #3) was this blog – this blog got me through those hard weeks and gave me somewhere to celebrate as well – losing weight can be a lonely journey especially when you have been at it for as long as I have – there is only a few select people outside of the WW community that I talk to these days about my weight loss.  The other thing that helped me a lot was setting small achievable goals – I need to feel that I am achieving (don’t we all!) otherwise I give up long before I actually fail.  I will set a small goal (not sure what yet) and I start doing the monthly goals as well (already done my June one).

Onwards and downwards