Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 12 WI

Lost 700g total 27.2kg.
I had a good week - pulled myself out of the little slump that I was in and got on with the job at hand.
Moved exercise to the top of my priority list - did boot camp on Friday only 2 of us so we had an intense workout. Saturday walked on treadmill 50min, Sunday walked with the baby and dog for 70min and did some weights; Monday walked on treadmill 50min. Exercise always lifts my mood and it gives me more engery.

I finally got the iPod fixed and downloaded the WW app - I love it - so easy to track your food - last week was the first time for a very long time that I actually tracked each meal as I prepared and ate it. Normally I would track at the end of the day or not at all!
And you can keep tracking when you are not connected to the web - when you reconnect it sync back - great for keeping a track when you are out.

I am feeling much better and motivated to get this weight off - I have 10 weeks left until I return to work...

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