Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WI Week 14

Lost 800g this week bringing my total to 28.3kg - I have now had 6 consecutive losses in row albeit small loss but losses none the less - averaging 700g per week – I was really happy when I realised that – I just need to keep remembering that it is all the small losses that are edging me closer and closer to ultimate goal.

I went to bootcamp twice last week – the Friday session there was just two of us and the trainer last session before she goes off to get married – she absolutely caned us, totally shattered when I left  -great session.  I really like bootcamp and most people are shocked when I say that I go at least once a week (I would like to go more but I can’t take the toddler – he would run an absolute muck – I take the baby because does not move yet...) – people seem to think that you have to thin and fit to do bootcamp but is that not the point of going to get thin and fit!  I know that I am the biggest by far and the slowest – the trainer often gets me to do a modified version of an exercise if it is obvious that I am struggling or just not going to be able to do it at this weight - I know that in time that I will be able to keep up with everyone and maybe even one day just look “normal”.

I went to a naming ceremony on Sunday – the girls that where putting it on make the most delicious red velvet cakes and homemade sausage rolls – I gave myself permission to sample a couple and enjoy every bit – which I did and they were worth every PP (no clue how PP but hey there were good) – we were at a lake so after I took the boys for a walk to see the swans and a play – then when we got home I walked 5km on the treadmill – I felt good and well in control.

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