Friday, December 30, 2011

WI Week 18 (final for 2011)

Lost 1.6kg brings my total to 32.9kg....  I was very focused over Christmas as I really wanted to lose 500g to reach my December goal - well I did that plus a bit more - very happy.
I had 1 homemade fruit mince pie (which was absolutely delicious) - a small piece of Christmas pudding with custard and a croissant on Christmas day - I really took my time to enjoy the food and then move on - I found myself looking at some food and asking myself if it was going to help me lose my 500g for the week?

I am so close to being back to where I was only 1.3 to go...I really feel that once I get back to where I was I can really move on - I can also almost feel the double figures are back within my grasp.

2012 is going to be year that I really make a huge bent in my weight loss - can I make it to goal by the end of 2012???  It is a tall order but doable - I would need to lose an average of 800g a week to achieve my ultimate goal ...I am currently averaging 800g a week so really why not....why can't I achieve this goal - there is no reason really.

This is a saying that I picked up from the WW site (sorry can't quite remember where)
"Don’t just hope for things to change, be the change"

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