Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WI Week 8...

Had a gain of +2.0kg this week – so annoyed at myself – I was so motivated after the baby was born and now my motivation is almost nonexistent – in my head I am continuously making up excuses on why I can’t exercise why I am not making the best food choices etc.. that constant argument about how I feel is back – if I put as much energy in the actual doing instead of the avoiding I would have not gain 2kg this week.

Anyway I need to more forward and not dwell on what has been done – there is one week left in October so I need to put in a huge effort this week to at least finish the month lighter than what I started (currently I am heavier..)

My goal for the week is what I stated in my last post – exercise at least 3 times this week and eating at least two different pieces of fruit.

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