Saturday, October 31, 2009

Feels great to be moving again….

It is surprising how just losing 5% of my body weight can make a huge difference to my energy levels. My garden was in desperate need of some attention, so I organised with my parents to bring a load of soil over so that we could top dress the garden. The last time (February) we did this I really struggled through the whole process – today I was able to get the garden weeded, roses trimmed and backyard cleaned up before the soil arrived. We obviously put all the soil into the garden, put the seasol all over the garden and did some potting as well. Once we finished this then we did some grocery shopping (fridge was empty!) and other stuff...

For first time for a long time I was able to just keep going all day until everything was finished – don’t get me wrong I am buggered and my feet and knees are killing me but I did not need to stop and rest all the time like I did back Feb!!

Feels great to be moving again….

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