Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weigh in Eve....

Weigh in tomorrow – again I am feeling very anxious. Why is it the day before I have so much doubt about my ability? I have tracked all week, I have done the exercise – it has been a bit of struggle due to my unnecessary sulking about not losing anything last week!! Overall it has been a successfully week. Yet here I am again the day before feeling like I could eat everything in sight – it is almost like a justification for if the scales do not show a negative result (in a positive way – you know what I mean..) then it was OK to overeat. I seriously need to work on removing the focus from the scales and focus on good health – the weight loss part will come naturally – wont it?

Moving on….. My new found energy levels on Saturday have left me very very sore for the past 3 days – I may have over done it a wee bit…. Sunday I was really sore, (you know you are in trouble when even sitting on the toilet is painful!!) as long as I kept moving and did not need to bend down – which is very difficult with a 14mth baby it was not so bad … I did my workout on Sunday regardless though I have to admit the previous enthusiasm was a bit lacking and I was working at a much lighter space – none the less I got it done. Monday my legs had seized up – I was so stiff it was no longer funny – the main problem being that I sit all day at work… so I decided to rest up and not do my workout. Today (Tuesday) things are much better – did my workout almost back at full speed – almost….

Regardless of the result tomorrow I will keep moving forward – one step at a time…


  1. Jody you are doing so great. Why doubt yourself.. no need girl. Look at the weight you have lost thus far...7.8kg's that's great.
    Just keep on keeping on and the end results will be so rewarding you won't believe you had doubts....

    Let me know how things went on WI, I'm sure you had a loss.



  2. Thanks Marnet - I am really working on believe in my ability. Lost 0.7kg so absolutely nothing to worry about.