Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moving Moving Moving.....

I have finally starting doing some exercise....it has taken awhile to work myself up to it but I have started! I have a well equip home gym (any of my friends reading this will probably say that is understatement!!) - I have a bit of thing for buying exercise equipment and diet books! Every time I buy a piece I think this is it - this is the piece that is going to make all the difference!! Because as we all know it has nothing do with ourselves, it is all about the next bit of equipment or the next diet book lol......Gee it has taken me a long time to work out that I can buy all the equipment and books (not that I actually read them) in the world but until I get off my butt they are totally useless...

My neighbour and I have been “discussing” for awhile about doing some session together - so finally on Sunday after yet another discussion we did a session on Sunday night. We have now set a schedule for Tuesday and Thursday evening and possibly another session on the weekend.

Our session on Sunday was pretty much trying to work out how everything worked (as the treadmill and weights were purchased a couple of months ago and yet to be used – that is a story for another day!!). I did a session on Monday night myself – 20mins treadmill then weights. Tonight (Tuesday) we did 20mins on the treadmill, 10min rowing, and 10min cycling then several reps of weights and finished with some stretching – all up about a 1 hour.  Feeling really good a bit sore - off to a good start.

Weight in tomorrow – feeling a bit anxiety – it should all be good, tracked everything all week, ate really well so regardless of what the scales say I know in myself that I have been doing the right thing. Hmmmm am I trying to talk myself into a gain…not sure….

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