Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cracked it!!!

I am very pleased to report that despite my nervous tension about today’s weight in I lost 1kg!!! Bringing my total to 5.8kg - I cracked the 5kg mark.... - I am very excited - This is now 6 losses in a row. Looking back over my records since July 2001 (yes 2001 is not a typo!) - My record was 8 losses in a row (actually 2 of those were neutral) which was way back in December 2001. Obviously my next goal is to make it 10 in a row…
My next focus is to reach my 5% which is 1.3kg away.
What I really need to do now is calm down – remain focused - and not get to over confident with myself and think that I can slip in a bit extra here and there.

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