Monday, October 12, 2009

Why don't I stop eating?

Spent today with my beautiful daughter, we went and seen a movie - Julie & Julia - not bad and then we went to Hans Cafe for lunch. I ordered satay chicken for entree and Chicken 'n Cashews with steam rice for main - all very nice and quite healthy (the satay is probably a bit iffy). I got about half way through the main when I started to feel full - so at this point I should have stop eating right - oh no no no I continue on battling though to the VERY last mouth full - after all you can't possibly leave anything behind! Now I am over full again......

Why don't I stop eating?
Why don't I leave food behind? Whist I was eating I was thinking that I should really stop - but the food was really good and I kept on telling myself that it is fairly healthy so it is OK to overeat - but really it is not!

I know it is due to years and year of stuffing my face to sometimes I literally vomit!
I know that it will not change overnight
I know that I am not going to starve to death! (I have this fear that if I don't eat enough in one sitting that I will starve before the next meal arrives - insane I know!)

What I must start to do is listen to my stomach and STOP and REST half way through my meal - if I am feeling satisfied then leave the rest of the food behind - it is better on the plate than on my hips (gods know there is enough there already -:) ) and remind myself that we eat to live not live to eat....

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  1. Oh yeah, I totally do the same thing! Only solution for me seems to be to order much smaller meals - or to give the food to my boyfriend the moment I feel full because then it has all been eaten before I get a chance to make myself sick.