Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The day before weight in...

Why is it that I always feel really anxious the day before weight in (my wi is a Wednesday morning)?

I have eaten well, stayed within my points, tracked every day - the exercise was a bit lacking - but overall a good food week.
Emotionally I am feeling good - feeling very in control - keeping the negative thoughts at bay.

Then the day before I start trying to work out if I have lost weight or not - my scales are broken so I can't weight myself (they were always wrong anyway and just caused even more anxiety as I was on them a dozen times a day!) so I have started using a tape measure - last week my waist was much smaller but I only lost 0.2kg - so the tape measure is useless. Why can’t I just wait?

Then I start thinking that I have not lost any weight this week so I may as well have something extra or don't bother trying to do any extra activity as it won't make a difference anyway. It is like I am preparing myself for a failure instead of preparing myself for success!!

I am hoping to lose at least 0.2kg this week to reach to my first 5kg…..
I am feeling good, healthy and lighter so this is what I should be focusing on.

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