Thursday, October 8, 2009

5 consecutives losses in a row.....very happy.....

This week I lost 0.2kg - a little bit disappointing (would prefer that the decimal point was to the right of the two!) but I have now had 5 consecutives losses in a row.....very happy.....I have not had success like this for a few years.
Total losses to date are 4.8kg – next week I will be over the first 5kg and then it will be non stop from here.
I am really feeling like I am firmly on the right track this time (I have been at this for a very very long time). I am working very hard on keeping positive thoughts in my head and shutting down the negative ones as soon as they start to creep in.
This week goal is to get moving – starting tomorrow (Friday) I will park my car at the train station and walk to work (15mins each way).

1 comment:

  1. You are doing so well
    You have lost 4.8kg in 5 weeks that is great
    WW suggest you lose .5 - 1kg a week are right on target.

    Also those who lose it a bit slower have less sagging skin and also tend to keep it off longer

    Keep going