Friday, October 16, 2009

This is what I'm looking forward to....

A WW community user posted a list of things that they are looking forward to. I though this was a great idea and decided to do my own list (and steal some of theirs)

I want to be able to walk without resting
I want to be able to shop all day
I want to get up off the floor without help
I want to be able to play on the floor with my baby
I want to be without pain
I want to sit in a chair without touching the sides
I want to sit on a chair without the fear of it breaking
I want to sit next to someone without touching them
I want to walk up and down stairs without holding onto the rails
I want to fell comfortable in an aeroplane seat
I want to put on socks and lace up shoes without holding my breath
I want to wear jeans with no elastic
I want to wear a shirt tucked in
I want to throw away every elastic waisted piece of clothing I own
I want to wear a one piece bathing suit
I want to wear a dress\skirt
I want to go to a ball in a stunning ball dress
I want to buy clothes that I like and not just what fits
I want to run
I want to go in a hot air balloon
I want to jump out of a plane
I want to go white water rafting
I want to go bunging jumping
I want to be able to do whatever physical activity I like
I want to be noticed because I look good not because I am obese
I want to feel proud of the person I am
I want the outside to match the inside
I want to be a role model for my kids
I want someone to spend the rest of my life with
I want to turn 40 and be fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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