Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Week 17 – 10% done and dusted….

I have finally made my 10% goal today - I needed to lose a total of 14.2kg to make my goal and last week I was 300g short. This week I was determined to get there and lost 2.4kg - totally smashing my goal bring my total to 16.3kg.

Feeling really great and pretty dam impressed with myself!!

I have been working really hard this week (see my exercise posts) and stayed well clear of the majority of the Christmas treats this year…I have to say there is not a fruit mince pie on this earth that could taste as good as the feeling of losing 2.4kg especially on Christmas week.

I had another small achievement this week – on Christmas day I was able to get on the floor with my baby to open present and then I was able to get back up without needing any assistance or needed to hold onto anything. I have always been able to get on the ground but getting up was quite a mission…so I just stopped doing it. It is still difficult but I now have the confidence to know that I can get myself up!!

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  1. WOO!!!! Well done!!! What a great achievement..and in the holidays too!! You're awesome!!