Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small achievements….

It is the small things that we do on a day to day basis that will ultimately lead us to successfully complete this journey and maintain for life!

When I re-started this journey I decided that if there was something that I really liked then I would have it in a controlled portion, enjoy it, count it and move on….And today that is exactly what I had – it sat on my desk until around 11am (which in the past would have been unheard of !!) I then slowly ate it – took 4 bits instead of the usual two (or just stuck the whole thing in my mouth before anyone seen….) it was worth every single bite - I thoroughly enjoy it and felt great that I was able to view it as just a really nice bit of food and absolutely nothing else……

Each Christmas one of the girls makes these very delicious chocolate coated plumb puddings – they are quite small probably the size of a 20c piece. When I arrived at work at 8am she had just put them out in the kitchen – I looked at them and decided that I would have ONE later in the morning – I took my little pudding put it onto a plate and sat it on my desk (as 8am was simply too early – and there is no way they would still be there later!).

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  1. Great stuff Jody!! Isnt it great the way we can still eat what we want just in a controlled way and still get to enjoy things but we are more aware of what we are eating now. I even had a mini muffin from McDonalds with my skinny latte the other day ;) Well done for realising your limits and sticking to them. You should be proud of yourself, I know I am!!