Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day….fooood

Had a great Christmas with my family, Christmas can be a real disaster food wise – my mum is a really good cook and spends most of December baking Christmas treats ie: fruit mince pies, shortbread, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, Turkish delight tarts the list goes on…. I tend to be at my mothers a couple of times a week and I end up “sampling” a few treats….This year I decided that there would be NO “sampling” and I would wait for Christmas eve and Christmas day. 

The plan was to have a small piece of Christmas pudding with custard on Christmas Eve, a fruit mince pie and Turkish delight tart on Christmas day.
I am happy to report that I almost stuck to the plan – I have a small piece of pudding with custard (which was just delicious), 1 x Turkish delight tart and 3 x fruit mince pies (mouth watering) – I ate them slowly and enjoyed every mouthful – there was no guilty attached – there was no “well I have blown it now”….crap going on - just savoured the moment and moved on.

The rest of the food we had was all managed as well – Christmas eve dinner was mainly seafood and salad, breakfast was bacon, eggs, sausages & croissants – I stayed clear of the sausages and instead of a croissant had cape seed bread and fresh cherries…then had more prawns and salad for lunch and dinner.

Got up today being Boxing Day and did 30mins treadmill and 30mins weights and then another small session this evening (15mins treadmill, 15mins rowing and 15min stretching) and ate well…unheard of for me on Boxing Day. 

I must say I am very impressed with myself – I maintained total control but did not feel like I was missing out or being ripped off by not being able to have anything nice…It has been a very successful Christmas all round. This year the focus was on my kids and not the food… mind set is truly changing for the better at long last.

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  1. Hi Jody
    It sounds like a very successful and enjoyable Xmas to me.
    That feeling of being in control is sweeter an any food i've ever tasted.