Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 14 WI – loossser, loossser, loossser…

This week weight in has taught me a lesson about those damm scales!! After last week disastrous weight in with the unexplained gain - this week I fully recovered with a loss of 1.6kg…..very happy with that result – this now bring my total to 12.6kg and takes me out of the 130’s…gotta be happy with that. I am now only 1.6kg away from my 10% and I have now reach the target of 10kg by Christmas challenge (actually exceed it and still have another week to go!!)

Over the past 15 weeks I have had two weeks where the scales have not given me a negative result (one week stayed the same and last week where I gained) and on both occasions there was no explanation for what happened! On both occasions I sulked about it for days, became quite negative and unmotivated, wasted a lot of energy over something that I had no control over (scales I am referring) – it is like the saying I live by at work “control what you can and leave the rest alone”. Somehow I managed to keep myself on track and then on both occasions the next week was followed by a really good loss….

The moral of the strong is trust the process, it does work and it does sort itself out. We will lose the weight it will just time, hard work and patient (something I lack…). At the end of the day we did not gain all the weight overnight so we cannot expect to wake up one day and find that it has all disappeared – just not going to happen!!!

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  1. Oh Jody - why didn't I read this earlier??? Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment. I've added you to my favourites and jumping on your bandwagon! Well done on the loss this week, those unexplained results are annoying but at least you can come back from them the following week - here's to your 10% goal!