Sunday, December 6, 2009

It’s my birthday….

As you may have figures today is my birthday. This birthday signifies the final stretch of my 30’s…..yes I am officially 39!! I had a good day – started off with a workout and then spent the rest of the day shopping with my kids. My daughter brought me a lovely salad bowl – a nice small one (just what I asked for).

This means that for next 12 months I need to put in 200% in order to be “forty and fabulous” at my own party - no more floundering around…I would really love to be in double digits by this time next year – that means at least 31kg in 12 months being an average of 600g a week - that is certainly achievable!!!

Wish me luck – actually it has nothing to do with luck – it is going to take a lot of bloody hard work!!!. I can do this….onwards and downwards…. here we go…..



    You certainly can be fabulous and 40!! I think this time next year you aren't even going to be recognising yourself! Keep striving and your hard work will pay off. Best of luck to you hun.

  2. What? Another "December 6" person? Me too! I turned 30. This is amazing! I found you through Kazz's blog (who I found through Linda's blog because Kazz is doing Linda's 100 Small Steps Challenge)! Adalita - also doing the Challenge - shares the same b'day as you and I too (Adalita turned 29)! You confused yet? ;)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had a fun-filled day too.

    Jody, keep plugging away at what you need to do to get to where you want to be. SHIT
    YES, an average loss of 0.6kg/wk is achievable! YOU CAN DO IT CHICKY! Come join our 100 Small Steps Challenge. Pleeeeeeease?