Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week 16 WI Christmas Eve

I am very happy to report that I had another very successful week on the weight loss front. I lost a further 900g this week bring my total to 13.8 – feeling really good about my progress. I am now only 300g off my 10% - hopefully next week we can crack this goal. As Christmas is approaching I am feeling very confident about not going overboard on the food front – I definitely plan on having my few treats (my mother is great cook especially at this time of the year) like Christmas pudding, fruit mince pies and Turkish delight tarts……I know they are not point friendly at all so I plan on just having one of each, enjoying every bite and leaving it at that…..I am sure I will feeling very relaxed about the whole food thing.

I had another small achievement this week - physical I have really really struggled over the last 2 years, even to the point that I could not get on a chair to chain a light globe!! My bedroom has been without a main light now for probably 12 months – simply because I just could not reach the roof to take the light fitting off and change the light globes!! Anyway this week the globe went in my daughter’s bathroom – I grad a chair jumped on it (well not literally but you know what I mean) and change the light globe. Then it dawn it on me that though the weight loss and exercise I made another small step in regaining my physical self back – even my daughter said Mum you are getting fitter….

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