Saturday, December 19, 2009

Week 15 WI down we go....

With the end of the year approaching (just in case you had not released that 2009 was almost done!!) we have been really busy at work, hence why I am late posting this week results – I know that you all have been waiting with bated breath so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer…..I lost a further 400g last week bring my total to 13kg…I am etching closer to my 10% with only another 1.2kg to go – will I make it by Christmas…as we only have one week left it is a tall order…see how we go.

My week has progress well, even though I have been busy at work I have still maintain my exercise routine and kept the Christmas food at bay – I have been enjoying the fresh cherries instead…they are goood this year.

At this time of the year I am generally under quite a bit of stress at work (I work with school so this is the end of the school year and their financial year!!) My way of coping with stress is to eat (no surprises there…) over the last few months I have been learning some new strategies for handling stress like deep breathing, exercise and just expressing how I am feeling. I have to say that I have been doing a combination of these things and it has really really helped me this year. I am not going straight for food…when I do find myself falling back to the old habits I am able to stop myself before any damage is done…feeling very in control of the food situation at the moment….

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  1. Congrats on the loss and well done on finding alternatives for what you know is one of your weaknesses - it proves that you're controlling the weight, not the weight controlling you.