Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 1 WI ProPoints

My first week of ProPoints seem a massive loss of -3.5kg! What the?? This brings my total losses back to 30.5kg. I was quite shocked as I did not feel like I had lost that much last week – I did stick to the programme ALL week (not just part of the week which I have been doing over the last few weeks) so maybe that it is – following the programme and wella you get results.

I enjoyed ProPoints – I ate all my points each day and only used about 4 extra points – I was definitely eating more but more of good food not crap that I had been doing of late – The PP free fruit part if fantastic – I am a real late night eater which has always been my down fall – this week however when I felt like something and had no points left, I just had a nectarine instead (normally I would go for bread!) – No guilt and all tracked. Feeling very positive with the new programme and looking forward to some consistent losses leading into Christmas.

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