Saturday, November 13, 2010

Missed WI week 62

My baby is finally getting better – I took him back to the doctors on Wednesday as he was just not getting better – I felt he was getting worst – the doctor sent him for a chest x-ray and it turns out that he has sever bronchitis boarding on pneumonia! So much for a viral infection – only took 5 doctors including one trip to emergency….I knew it was more than just a viral infection – he could hardly breathe! Since Wednesday he has been on antibiotics and steroids and he is breathing normally again, the fever is gone, he has started eating and is running around again…almost starting to drive me crazy again! He went back to the doctors today (Saturday) and his chest is clearing though he has this awful cough – the type of cough that sounds like you could bring up your left lung…..He is on the mend so hopefully we should be back at work and daycare on Monday and back to a routine.

I missed WI on Wednesday so I missed the first sort of introduction to the new program - the new program is officially starting next week which I am really looking forward to - it should hopefully give me some new focus – the food front has not been good – I was doing OK for the first days when my son was sick – but the tired I got the worst eating got – and it has continued even though he is much better and we have had a couple of good nights sleep – each morning I say to myself I will get back on track today but then it all goes down hill. Anyway there is always tomorrow!

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  1. Ugh, we had our first little intro to the new program last week and didn't get told ANYTHING other than "it's changing". This week, we'll find out everything. I hear it works better. We'll see. I still think it's a bit of a money spinner for WW.

    Glad to hear that you got a good diagnosis for the little one. Sometimes I wonder why these docs spent so long in medical school. If I can tell there's something MORE wrong with my kid than a virus, why can't they?! Hope he's 100% soon!!