Monday, November 8, 2010

Sick baby

My poor baby is still sick – he is down with a viral infection – he is slowly getting better but we are now entering our 5th day! He has been totally stationery for the last 4 days – all he wants to do is lay with me on the couch – which was quite nice for the first day but after that…….it is exhausting to do nothing as such. Today he has been sleeping a lot and I have managed to pry him away so that he has been sleeping on his own (well sort of – he is in my bed!) He has been clinging to me like glue for the last 4 days!! I am shattered…..I have not been able to do anything else but sit with him.

The food front has not been great – it has not been bad but not great either - I have just been preparing and eating whatever I can managed in the few very small gaps I have managed to get in whilst Oliver has been sleeping or being distracted by his sister. Hopefully the damage will be minimal and Oliver will be back at day care and I will be back at work by Wednesday and we can get back into our routine…..


  1. Sorry to hear your little one is still sick. Those viral infections can take a while to go completely. I Hope he gets better really soon!

  2. Hope he's feeling better soon! Look after yourself ok?