Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 43 WI

I had a small loss of 300g this week bring my total to 31.9kg. I really find it hard to believe that this number keeps increasing each week – it freaks me out…. (in a good way) - I keep waiting for the bottom to fall out!!! That won’t happen unless I allow it which is not going to happen anytime soon.

I had a good week – got stuck into my exercise and dropped the excuses and just got on with it…..the food front is going well but I have to admit that my tracking has dwindled away….. Tracking is a critical part of the WW programme – it has been proven time and time again that tracking improves your weight loss success yet it is the first thing that most of us dropped in an instance….yet it is the backbone of the programme – not tracking is a bit like not servicing your car – it will run for a while with no problems but after a while it will start to pull back and feel dumpy whilst driving, we will have problems starting it in the morning and eventually it will just give up….Then we need to tow it to the mechanic whilst thinking up a 100 excuses as to why we never brought it back at the first signs that it struggling…. So saying all this my focuses is to TRACK TRACK TRACK and keep tracking… the very end and beyond.

This loss means that I have now met my next mini goal of less than 110kg – I am now 109.9kg! I am going to set my next goal a bit bigger than I normally do as my next one is quite big – the half way mark! – I am now only 7kg away from this goal… Really looking forward to reaching this one!


  1. You go Girl those double digits are calling you at lightening speed!

  2. Amazing is what you are. Keep up the good work and congrats!!