Friday, July 23, 2010

WI Week 46

After a turbulent week I managed to lose 800g brining my total to 32.1kg. This bring me back under 110kg so I am very happy about that.

My son has been learning how to jump over the last few weeks – my 14 year old daughter has been teaching him – they have been having lots of fun in the process. I watched him repeatedly trying to jump – he would jump, fall over, get back up, jumps again, fall again, gets back up, jumps again, falls again, gets back up and just kept on repeating cycle until eventually it manages to jump and stay on his feet – we were all very excited when master this task – now he jumps everywhere – very cute!

I was thinking at stage in our life do we lose this ability to just keep on trying until we master the task? Why as adults when we fall over do we not just get straight back up and try again? Why do we stay down for so long? Most of us will eventually pull ourselves up but if we fall again then we are ready to quit – all we focus on is that fact that we have fallen not what we have achieved to get to this stage!

This is exactly what I have done over the last couple week – focused on the fall instead of the achievement – the negative instead of the positive!

My focus for the week is to be positive, remain calm and trust the process!


  1. wouldn't it be wonderful if we could keep a child's point of view of life instead of becoming cynical and negative?!

    Great job on the loss. I hope you have a great week.

  2. Congratulations on the loss this week!

    Yes, stay focused and it all falls into place! Perserverence is the key!

    I'm suggesting everyone take a look at this website where it states that SUGAR rather than fat is causing us to be overweight!

    Makes sense to me!

    All the very best as you continue your WW journey to double figures and beyond! Gae oxox

  3. Great job! You're really getting there now!

    I think you're absolutely right about staying focused on the successes instead of our falls. Keep up the good work!