Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WI Week 44

Weigh in today and I had a gain of 100g! I am a bit dark about this gain – I know it is only 100g and we need to focus on the bigger on the picture yarder yarder yarder….. It really bugs when you do everything correct and those damm scales don’t reflex at least some of your effort instead they just try and mess with your head. Last week I tracked all week, stayed within my points, did my exercise, and checked my portion – really reign things back in as I felt that my weight loss was slowing. I had a great week food and exercise wise all for a 100g gain……. I feel cheated and feel like it’s a waisted week and steps me back from my goal and not closer……Yes I can hear everyone going it is only 100g seriously move on, not a big deal in the scheme of things - I do know this but I just need to vent my frustration instead of eating my through it….feeling much better already.

I was out for dinner this evening at the my parents house and I was feeling deflated about the scales and Mum brought out a Cheesecake and I though to myself I’m having that – I am going to eat the huge piece of cheesecake – if I going to gain well at least I will have a reason! I sat there watching Mum cut it up and she went to hand me a piece and I just looked at it though you know I really don’t want it - I am eating it out of frustration – if I eat it then I have once again allowed the scales to hold the power over me – I have once again let the scales dictate how I feel and set the mood for the following week - I decided that I hold the power not those scales – and refused the cheesecake.

I have now lost 31.8kg and I am not going to let one very small gain derail me.


  1. Yes, I remember feeling the same way after a weekend building a block wall and eating, drinking and exercising correctly all week!

    The scales showed a GAIN of 1 kilo! Luckily I'd read here where it often takes our body 1 or 2 weeks to register extra exercise on the scales!

    The next week I posted a 2.5 kilo loss! So, just perservere! If you keep at it you're sure to receive a BIG smile from the scales next week!

    All the very best! Gae oxoxo

  2. Jody, the rewards will follow next week!

    Its such a liberating experience when you make a choice with a rational head when your emotions are struggling for control!! You Go Girl.

  3. well done on the self control and not letting the metal monster win


  4. Well done, turning down the cheesecake. I think I'm still at the point where I would have grabbed it, eaten it and then had a second piece.

    Don't let the gain throw you too much...just repeat what you did last week and I bet it will show next week!