Friday, June 25, 2010

WI Wk 42

I had another good loss of 600g bringing my total to 31.6kg. I feeling a bit relieved that I have now well cleared the 30kg mark – I had this tiny little doubt in my mind that I would do something that would cause my fall backward below the 30kg (which is what I did at the 20kg mark!) – I really must learn to trust myself more!!
 I am pretty regular with my exercise but I do find that some days I struggle more than others. I was thinking to myself the other day – if we put as much energy into the actual exercise as we do the amount of time that we spend thinking about the exercise and thinking about all the reason why we can’t do it today – justifying it to yourself – we would all be as fit an athletic!

On Friday morning I go to Boot camp (which I really enjoy – even when it is 0.5c – which is unheard of in Perth!). Saturday mornings I go for a 1 hour walk talking a route that has a couple of good size hills – pushing a pram… On Sundays mornings we either go for a walk around home or lately we have been going to a Park (Lake Monger) and walking around twice (7km’s) and then spending some time in the playground with my boy .… I am generally really motivated with part of the routine.

I start to stumble when the working week starts – Monday the plan is to do 30mins high intensity on the treadmill and then a good 20mins of weight bearing exercises – then Tuesday 30mins treadmill and 15mins on the rowing machine – well that is the plan – Over the past few weeks I manage to find a justification in my head on why I can’t exercise on one of the days – there is no valid reason - just the ones that we make up in our heads – I do end up doing at least one of the days but I put myself through this process of will I, won’t I, will I, won’t I – and then well if I don’t do it tonight then I will definitely do it tomorrow night – why do I put ourselves through all this garbage – if I just got on with it probably be a fitter and closer to my goal!!

I am now only 300g off my next goal and only 700g on off my June goal – so best I get on that treadmill so that I can reach both goals next week!


  1. Your exercise regime is fantastic bringing variety in what you do.

    I too am struggling with the working week as I am leaving in the dark and coming home in the dark. My work has corporate rates for a Gym which is across the road from work and on the circuit has personal trainers who set up your equipment. I have been procrastinating for the last 4 weeks about joining. 6 am opening is perfect for me as in the summer I walk everyday at that time but do you think I can get myself organised to enrol! Your posted has made me sit up and take action. Fisrt thing Monday I am heading in and joining up

    Thanks Jody

  2. Well done you! And you're absolutely right with what you said about the exercise. I'd be a good 30 kgs lighter already if I worked out every time I made an excuse instead of just sitting on my backside.

    Keep it up!

  3. Hi Jody,

    The psychological good cop/bad cop of exercise is always hard going isn't it!

    For those days when you find it tricky maybe you could arrange to meet up with a friend at the gym or for a walk.

    the other old classic trick is to tell yourself you only have to do 10 minutes and if you only do 10 it is fine. ?you'll probably find that after 10 minutes that you'll keep going.