Thursday, April 29, 2010

WI Week 34

After a bit of a rough start last week I managed to recover and lose 300g bringing my total of 27.6kg. I am now only 800g away from losing 20% of my body weight – should be able to achieve this next week. I am fully back on track and I am very happy that my tracker has been reset to zero – it does not do much you mentally to see negative points saved every time you log in but then again it was a reminder for a few days on the consequences of my actions.

I am rather impressed with how I handled the after mass of last Friday night – I few months ago that would have been the end of me for the rest of the week (and possibly a couple of more) and the results on the scale would have more like 3kg gain instead of a 300g loss! I am not as hard on myself these days and I am getting that weight loss is not black or white there are some grey areas too!!

I seem to be finally at the tail end of this cold – only lasted 5 weeks with two sets of antibiotics….. what with that!!! Anyway back to boot camp tomorrow I have not been for the last two weeks and strangely enough I am really looking forward to it.

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