Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hit a wall…and bounced back

Well not literary……but I did on the food front. Last night I really over indulged in some Fried Chicken to the point value of 47pts! To be honest I am too embarrassed to public admit what I ate but I am sure you get the picture – 47pts...

Why did I do it – I am financial quite stressed at the moment so instead of dealing with this I decided to eat instead – which clearly will really help the financial problem!!! I won’t get into my financial situation but I have been spending too much for a long time and it is finally all catching up with me…..bit like my weight did really – when I am down I do two things – eat and spend….well not anymore…

I woke up this morning and way lying in bed feeling quite sorry for myself (and quite ill!) and I though to myself – I have two options:

     1. Stay here and feel sorry for myself and do nothing – because that has worked so well in the past!!

     2. Get out of bed - take control of both situations put the past behind me and move forward….as Rhonda would say “It is not what you have done that matters – it is what you do next that counts” (or something like that)

It really was not a hard decision clearly options 2 was the only the options – I got out of bed, hugged my baby and then we went for a 70min walk, did a 2 day food plan, went to the shops to restock the fruit and vegetables, cleaned the house (I find if the house is clean I feel much more in control as well), tracked all my food (including yesterday), drank my water and tonight I am going to get a financial plan sorted – maybe even need to set myself a budget (opps sorry for using such poor language) but that is what it has come too.

Feeling much better already – I have a renewed sense of energy so tomorrow we are going to walking around Lake Monger (twice) – 7km…the weather is great in Perth so looking forward to it.


  1. HOLY COW! 47 pts??!! I hope it was yummy!

    Glad you bounced back! Keep on track!

  2. hey, i had a day a couple of weeks back that added up to about 120 pts. but i exercised like a maniac and ended up losing 300g. so don't worry about the slip up cause it can be fixed if you try really hard.

    i'm sorry to hear about your finance worries. i keep trying to convince people we'd all be better off broke and with no shoes like hippies living off the land :P

    but **BIG HUGS** hope you find a good headspace this week. you can do it!!! :)