Friday, April 23, 2010

WI Week 33 - stalled....

Not a great week I had a small gain of 100g! I am not too bother as I struggled quite a lot last week – not really sure why or what is triggering it but I just found myself looking for more food regardless of if I was hungry or not. I was doing a far amount of pacing around the kitchen and thinking about food a lot more. I did not track or exercise and my portion where bigger than they should have been. I had a couple of late night snacks - just a sandwich - but not the point really – this was one habit that I have worked hard to stop. I really lost my focus last week!!

On Monday I went to a WW meeting where Alison Taylor (WA 2009 Heathly life Award finalist) was speaking about how she lost 63kg – I really need to listen to someone that has lost a lot of weight and maintained it to remind me that this journey is doable and worth the fight. Alison was quite extraordinary in that she lost this weight in 9.5 months!!. A couple of keys things she did was TRACKED everything and MIX IT UP – meaning that she kept her food varied – she ate a different breakfast every day. Basically she just did exactly what WW advises to do! Alison also talked about how much better physically she is feeling, how much more energy she now has and just how much better life is in general. She was very inspiring.

It is not an option for me to give up and put back on the 27.3kg I have lost – it's just not an option. I am only 1.1kg off losing 20% of my body weight and 2.7kg from losing 30kg. I am doing really well and I just need to keep on reminding myself that this journey will not be smooth sailing – I will need to work at it every day – some days will be easy and some will be hard but the ultimate prize will be so worth it. I need to keep my eye on the prize!

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