Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 31 WI - Easter

I am pleased to say that I sailed through Easter this year and managed to lose another 900g bringing my total to 26.3kg…..very please I have to say and getting closer to my 20% goal!

We had a great time over Easter – I was really looking forward to the 4 days off so that I could send some time with family and have a break from work! I was pretty relaxed about Easter as I am feeling very in control and was looking forward to the opportunity of doing some activity over the break.

Friday was going to the most challenging day as my families has quite a large seafood dinner which my mother cooks and I cook. The main problem with the dinner is a lot of it is deep fried!! I have tried to reduce the amount of frying over the years but I do come up with a lot of opposition…anyway we cooked honey prawns, garlic prawns, stuffed squid, battered fish, fish cakes, spring rolls, prawn wontons, oysters Kilpatrick, cold cooked prawns, seafood salad & prawn and mango salad (these where on the menu mainly for myself!!) – and a huge cherry ripe cheesecake to top it all off!!
It is all very nice and in previous years I would have devoured the whole lot until I felt like I was going to explode….. This year I ate the two salad which where absolutely beautiful and full of fresh steamed seafood, small piece of stuffed squid and 1 prawn wonton (and I stole one honey prawn from my sister plate …lol) I really enjoyed the food I chose to eat and left feeling comfortably full…and most importantly enjoyed the company of my aunts and uncles that I only see a couple of times of year (they were all very complimentary on my weight loss success…)

Sunday we went on a family picnic to John Forrest National Park – really great national park – not as great for the 20mth old toddler as there was too much gravel and no play ground! I talked my family into going on a walk which turned out to be 4.6km long…the weather was great and it was nice to be out walking in a national park for a change.

Monday I took my two kids out for a 30km bike ride – we started at Burswood, went down through city to the Narrows, through South Perth and back to Burswood. I have done this ride with my daughter several times over the years but we have not been for probably the last 3 years as I was simply to unfit and over weight to ride a bike!! I have a trailer for my baby and my daughter (who is almost 14years and who I did have to drag along with a lot of moaning….) obviously ride her own bike – we did stop along the way for drinks and in South Perth we stopped for coffee and ice-cream and a play in the playground. It took us a good couple of hours but the point of the ride was to spend some time together and get in some exercise at the same time not race along. I did struggle a little bit especially pulling the trailer up hill but I was very pleased that I managed to ride the full distant…not something I could have done 26.3kg ago… (another mini milestone for me).

I felt that Easter was a big success of course the 4 days went way to fast but I have enjoyed the two weeks of only working 4 days!! And just incase you are wondering – I decided not to eat any hot cross buns (which I absolutely love) as I decided these are a red light food for me and at this stage I am not ready to start tackling these foods. I also decided not to eat any chocolate; I was going to eat one Caramello egg but decided against it…I am not a big chocolate fan so it was no big deal.

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  1. Well done! Getting through the holidays is so hard for so many of us. And a 30km bike ride? WOW!

    I just realised that we're aiming to lose almost the same amount of weight. You're doing really well...keep it up!