Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Challenge completed

The April challenge is completed and unfortunately I missed my goal by 1kg. I started the first half of the month really strong but the second half was a total flop!!

The good news is that I am 2.2kg lighter at the end of April than what I was at the beginning. Bring on May!

SW: 116.4
CW: 114.2
GWEA: 113.3

Total: -2.2

wk4: -0.3
wk3: +0.1
wk2: -1.1
wk1: -0.9


  1. Well 2.2 kg is certainly nothing to scoff at. Well done yoU!!

  2. Hi Jody,

    Great job on the blog! I like that you're setting yourself small goals... That's an awesome way to chip away at your weight! I think I might adopt that tactic too!

    Best of luck to you!