Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 32's all about good nutrition

Another successfully week with a loss of 1.1kg bring my total to 27.4kg...I am now only 1kg off my next goal of 20% and I am starting to feel the 30kg is within reach. I have actually been quite unwell over the last 3 weeks with a cold that developed into a chest infection - as a result I have not done any exercise for the last week! I really needed to slow down and rest my body.  I am already starting to feel stiff and my knee has started to play up again which means that already the muscle around my knee is weakening – amazing how quickly you start to feel your body breaking down – I am feeling better and need to get back into my exercise routine.

One thing that I have really got over the last few weeks is that weight loss really is 70% nutrition – In the last week I have been very careful with my nutrition as I was not going to be exercising and I still had a good loss ..... at a meeting a few weeks ago we discussed that weight loss is about good nutrition and exercise is for good overall health of your body (can’t remember exactly what was said but this is how I understood it) – if your nutrition is poor then it does not matter how much exercise you do the weight will not move. For a long time I exercised like crazy but then did not follow it up with good nutrition – I was kidding myself that exercise counteracted the poor diet that I had!

Over the past 4 weeks I have really being focusing on eating foods that contain one ingredient, reducing my sodium intake and almost eliminating pre-packaged\processed foods.....this has resulted in me losing 4.8kg!  Amazing how much eating fresh food does for our health! We are told this all the time but it is only now that I really starting to get it!!!

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  1. Well done!! That's a fantastic result. It really is about what we're putting into our bodies isn't it? It's a hard concept to wrap my head around sometimes though.