Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WI Week 30 – 25kg gone

I am doing the happy dance this week had a great loss of 1kg bringing my total losses tooo wait for it… – I have broken through my goal of 25kg – I am very impressed with myself. I have now lost 17.91% of my body weight!! I have set my next goal to be 20% of my body weight which is another 3kg away.

Over the last fortnight I have had two good losses I have put this down to the reduction in sodium in my diet – that it really the only change I have made over the last two weeks – we are eating more whole foods or foods that contain one ingredient and I am really keeping my portion sizes in check.

At the WW meeting today we were talking about Easter and our plan for the food etc.. This was the first time that I had really through about the food side – my focus for the weekend was that I had two days off work and what activities I could do with my kids. I am seeing it as an opportunity to be more active. Sunday we are going bush walking (with my parents, brother and sister …should be interesting we are not exactly an outdoor type family…..) and then Monday we are going for a 20km bike ride. I am really not worried about the food as I feel very in control and am just viewing the days as any other days. The only food challenge I really have is Friday night when we have seafood at my parents house – Mum has a tendency to deep fry all the seafood but we have talked about the menu and incorporate a couple dishes that will be healthy that I will be eating. As the for chocolate well I can take or leave chocolate – my only request is for one Caramello egg (3.5pts) - my family can see how well I am doing and have asked what I would like instead. The catch maybe those hot cross buns which I loveee – I have had 1 so far this year (1 single one not 1 packet lol) – generally by now I would have eaten packets of them – anyway I may choose to have a couple more I will see how I go. Looking forward to the break and spending time with kids – that is my focus this Easter.


  1. Well done Jody, on reaching such a wonderful milestone!

    Keep up the fantastic work, and I bet you look and feel amazing!

    Thanks for the motivation that your weekly post gives me, and I wish you all the best for the next milestone!

  2. Thank you Anonymous - I really appreciate your comments.

  3. well done on the milestone!!! :)