Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 28 WI….still on the way down

My weight loss over the last few weeks has been a bit up and down but I am please to report that this week it was down by 400g – bringing my total to 22.6….edging closer to the 25kg mark!

I struggled a bit this week really not feeling great – felt quite bloated, energy levels where down just generally felt blahhh….my diet has become a bit boarding…I had defaulted to the good old tuna and salad for lunch every day, the same couple of breakfasts, same fruit, way to many packets of sakata’s – you get the picture. I decided that this week I need to look at my diet and make some changes.

I got out my Gillian McKeith books and did some reading on her recommendation for digesting food (as I don’t think I digest food very well) and at my WW meeting this week we were discussing Chia seeds (these are suppose to help with weight loss which is always a bonus!!) and I had also been talking with Rhonda (my WW leader) about watching my sodium contents. I decided that I would take a good look at the processed foods we are eating (we don’t have a lot but could cut down), cut out the daily diet coke (I am not ready to give up my 1 coffee a day yet) and no more sakata for while… Last night I went off to the health food shop and brought myself some digestive enzymes, probiotic, Chia seeds (black and white) – quinoa, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, almonds & LSA. The seeds and almond are mainly for snacks in place of my sakata. The quinoa is a new grain that I am going to try – I have found a few recipes in the Gillian books that I am keen to try. This week plan is to eat more foods that contain one ingredient – hopefully I feel better within myself and it will help move the weight loss again at a more consistent rate.

Overall I am happy with my progress and still feel 110% better than I did a few months ago – gotta be happy with that…

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