Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 29 WI

A great result this week – lost a massive 1.8kg bringing my total to 24.4kg – only 600g off my next mini goal of 25kg. Last week I made a few small changes to my diet – I took at a look at my sodium content and cut out my daily coke zero, Sakata and cut right down on pre-package foods – I added a couple of supplements and started eating the Chia seeds. I have to say that the Chia seeds did make a difference to my hunger levels (or was it just in my head!!) I am adding them to my breakfast and normally I start get hungry about 10am but I am going through to lunch!!

I am feeling much better this week (I was feeling better before the loss….but even better now) which I contribute to just eating more foods that contain one ingredient – I am starting to realise that we eat and drink a lot of stuff that our bodies simply don’t need and really don’t like – though I still plan on drinking coke zero a couple of times a week I certainly do not need it on a daily basis. Food and drink like this need to go back into the sometimes basket and not the always baskets!!! There were and probably are still a few items where the line is a bit blurred…. I will keep reassessing each week to ensure that my diet is continuously improving. One thing I have learnt over the years is that if I make too many changes in one hit there is a large chance that I will hit the ground hard as it is simply too much too soon to adjust to (well this is what happens to me anyway) – I am trying to move away from the ALL or NOTHING approach that I have to most things especially weight loss.

Looking forward to another positive week – I have a couple of challenges about to come to an end – Easter and March and I currently have a short fall of 1.9kg (I may have been a little bit ambitious when I set these….) so if I going to nail these challenges then I will definitely need to step up my diet and exercise this week.
Have a great week.

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