Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boot camp update

I though it was time for another boot camp update. I am still going every week and still loving it. Each week I push myself a bit further and I can feel the progress each week. The best thing that I did was purchase some really good sneakers – I was struggling before with some of the exercise as they were too hard on my knees i.e.: jumping – with my new sneakers I can now do a lot more and not suffered the consequences of my knees and ankles having to take the full force of my weight – they obviously still are but now the shoes are taking away the jarring that was occurring before.

My running is slowly improving as I push myself a bit further each week – at the start of the session we do a “jog” around a set route – each week I set my target my little a bit further – I can now jog about 1/3 of the way around – then I power walk the rest of the way. A couple of weeks ago she did this massive jog around Hillarie’s (as our warm up!!) – I clearly could not jog all the way – actually no one in the group jogged the entire route – so what I did was jogged as far as I could stopped got my breath back and then started again – I was probably jogging in 1-2min interval’s – each time I would just set a target to aim for and not stop until I got there – it was really hard but extremely rewarding when I got to the finish line. I didn’t worry about where everyone else was up to I just focused on where I was and just kept pushing ahead. Our trainer is really great – she kept on coming back to encourage me to keep moving and pushing me a bit further the entire time without making me feel like was really lagging behind (which I was….). Anyway that was just the warm up – we still had a full session to go…with more running…

Our trainer is big on circuit training – at my last session she setup several stations – the main station was a route around the entire circuit that consisted of us running and jumping over hurdles - the hurdles where only about 20cm high – which when you first look at them you think no problems I can do that – well after you have been running around and jumping over these things for close to 45mins they started to feel like they were about 6ft high!!! In the end most of us where doing a fast walk with a step over….The way it worked was we ran around until she said stop (probably about 2mins) then went to a station – we had the ladder, squats holding a bar, boxing, sit ups with medicine ball, plain setups, running around some markers, squats on a ball and something that I can’t recall (or maybe I have blocked it out lol) – which we did for a solid 1min then when she said stop we had to start running around the hurdles again and repeated this for probably 45-50mins– as I am writing this it does not really seem all that hard – 1mins here – 2 mins there but I tell you there was not one person by the end of that session that walked away looking like they could just collapse on the floor at any moment – normally there is a bit a chatter after – no after this session – most could barely muster up the stretch to wave good bye. It was a great session.

I am still loving it – have another session tomorrow morning – I would encourage anyone that is thinking about to give it ago – you could surprise yourself!!

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